Innovation & Technology

Research on system approach

Vincent Raimbault

22 Mar, 2017  

Learning is a continuous process which is possible at MANN+HUMMEL thanks to the high level of technologies available and the strong partnership developed with different laboratories with open innovation. I joined MANN+HUMMEL as an Acoustic Engineer in 2007, and then moved to the CI (Innovation and Corporate Strategy) group as an Innovation Project Manager in the field of engines and thermodynamics with the plan to both discover and learn. […]

People & Company

Business, science and technology – the 2017 VDMA conference in the technology centre

Andreas Pichmann

21 Mar, 2017  

The VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau – Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) represents around 3200 predominantly medium-sized companies in the capital goods industry, making it the largest industry association in Europe. The association acts on behalf of all its members to further the collective economic, […]


HR business partner: different times, new responsibilities

Johann Steinbrunner

16 Mar, 2017  

HR work at the Marklkofen location has undergone some fundamental change since the 1980s and 90s. Whilst most of its work was once centred on local HR management, the HR business partner is now active throughout the Group as a strategic partner, giving advice to the company’s management. […]

People & Company

Meet the customer!

Frank Pflüger

15 Mar, 2017  

Have you ever considered who is behind our filters? At MANN+HUMMEL, there are many, many employees working day in, day out to make sure our products are successful. However, only a few of them know which customers trust in our products and why. We want to change this. […]


Carried forwards by the currents of the Wirtschaftswunder

Peter Debor

14 Mar, 2017  

I spent most of my working life at MANN+HUMMEL in Marklkofen. I was born in 1937, grew up during the war and started an apprenticeship as a tax clerk in 1953. I completed my training as an industrial clerk, then later qualified in mechanical engineering andbusiness administration too. […]

French, People & Company

A fascination with production: we show French customers around the Marklkofen plant

Anne Laurin

9 Mar, 2017  

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As assistant to the Board of Management, I have been responsible for customer events since 2008. A visit to the plant in Marklkofen is certainly a very special draw for our customers. I’ve been to the Bavarian plant more than 70 times with a total of more than 1300 customers, […]

Innovation & Technology

Getting to grips with spin-on filters

Achim Wagner

8 Mar, 2017  

“Do you prefer hands-on learning, or sitting through a lecture with 70 slides?” I always like to pose this question whenever I have to introduce MANN+HUMMEL’s spin-on filter division in Marklkofen. As I’m sure you can imagine, the answer is usually pretty clear.

I came up with the idea for the ‘box’ over the years as, […]

People & Company

Savings made thanks to global bundling and new hub structure

Hanno Höhn

7 Mar, 2017  

It is almost a year since MANN+HUMMEL completed its takeover of the Affinia Group. The company’s worldwide presence has grown as a result but we are also facing new challenges. For example, it was necessary to design a project organisation so as to quickly integrate the international purchasing departments and thus enable quick savings to be made. […]

People & Company

Achieving success with a disability

Larissa Kühnert

2 Mar, 2017  

“I just wanted to carry on the same as before”, says Hans-Peter Benzinger, independent member of the works council and representative for colleagues with severe disabilities at MANN+HUMMEL. Following a car accident in July 1986, the now-53-year-old lost his left arm and clavicle, […]

People & Company

A look back on our family colours 2016

Theresa Wieland

1 Mar, 2017  

The eye-catching green and yellow of our MANN-FILTER product brand seem to crop up in all sorts of places – it certainly is a distinctive combination! And this was also the case in 2016, with this member of the MANN+HUMMEL family flying its colours in a number of different places. […]

People & Company

Building a Brand for WIX Filters

Jennifer Gibson

28 Feb, 2017  

Representing WIX Filters as Brand Manager is a job that makes me proud every single day – building and preserving our brand and leading the charge in how we use marketing to tell our story to our customers and consumers. We work hard, and there’s a special validation when others within the industry say, […]


Changes over time

Achim Wagner

23 Feb, 2017  

I joined MANN+HUMMEL in Marklkofen in 1993 as one of three production department managers in filter production. Two years later, the plant manager at the time restructured the whole production process into centres. These centres were ‘mini-plants’ within the plant. We were given a great deal of freedom but with it an even greater level of responsibility. […]

Career & Apprenticeship

A look back at 2016 – different countries, different customs

Theresa Wieland

22 Feb, 2017  

Whether it’s “vamos a la playa!” or “où est la piscine” there are certain obligatory set phrases which instantly spring to mind when we think about foreign languages. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the desired effect and often fail to impress the locals as we might have hoped. […]


A 37-year journey with many stops along the way

Heinrich Güntner

21 Feb, 2017  

Over a 37-year period, from 1967 to 2004, I have witnessed the development of filter production at Marklkofen. I have performed various roles over nearly four decades. I started working in tool production as a lathe operator, before taking on the training of apprentices. In 1976, […]

People & Company

Many teams, one goal – ‘Leadership in Filtration’

Sebastian Scharmach

16 Feb, 2017  

On our way to achieving our vision of ‘Leadership in Filtration’, we are constantly working to improve our processes and looking to exploit untapped growth potential. This is the work ethos employed by both myself and the team I belong to – the Injection Molding & […]