People & Company

Politics and business – working together for society

Harald Späth

13 Jan, 2017  

As the manager of MANN+HUMMEL’s Wolverhampton plant, I know the importance of having an extensive network. This is why we repeatedly meet with contacts from other businesses and associations, to foster open discussion at this level. We also regularly seek contact with authorities in order to establish a regional and national network that reaches beyond the business association. […]

Career & Apprenticeship

Cooperation with local education key to success

Marcela Marazova

12 Jan, 2017  

MANN+HUMMEL Nová Ves’ (Czech Republic) cooperation with secondary schools in the area is distinctive in its interactive and motivational character. Students from the local area take part in visits, workshops, various lectures, diploma projects and internships. Such insights help students to get a taste of everyday working life and gain experience of a possible career. […]

Innovation & Technology

The testing centre is on the move – taking on the challenge

Robert Kerres

11 Jan, 2017   Gallery

MANN+HUMMEL’s new technology centre is generating a lot of excited buzz, with more and more employees having moved in to the building complex on Schwieberdingerstraße in the summer of 2016. And I packed my bags too, because I, my team and some 100 test benches (not forgetting the over 80-employee strong testing department) moved from Ludwigsburg city centre to the new testing centre at MANN+HUMMEL’s new headquarters. […]

Career & Apprenticeship, Spanish

Work-life-balance at MANN+HUMMEL Argentina

Markus Lutz

10 Jan, 2017  

to the Spanish version

In which way do the way of life and the work-life-balance in Argentina differ from a German perspective? I would like to answer this arising question with my experiences. In the framework of my International Business degree at MANN+HUMMEL, […]

People & Company

The merger – a symbol of strength and success

Daniel Konieczny

5 Jan, 2017  

Contact with people, communicating and team work – that’s the way I like to work. I want to create something new and shape the future. I never wanted to be chained to a desk, and I was never a proponent of adapting to this or that system. […]

People & Company

Biking For A Cause with WIX Filters

Tommy Buckman

3 Jan, 2017  

My name is Tommy Buckman, and I am the direct market sales account manager for MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology in Gastonia, N.C. But this is not a story about me. This is a story about teamwork and commitment. Those characteristics describe everything we do for our customers, […]

People & Company

A Poem for Christmas

Theresa Wieland

22 Dec, 2016  

There are colourful lights all over the place,

And soft white snow brings a smile to every face.

It’s not long now, Christmas time will soon be here,

So we bring you this poem to mark the end of the year. […]

People & Company


Katarzyna Tarnowska

21 Dec, 2016  

Traditionally when Yuletide beckons at MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology Poland in Gostyń we encourage the children of our staff to weave a little magic and good cheer into our daily routine at our company, and create something in the way of Christmas artwork. In previous years children made decorations for Christmas trees and drawings of what their favourite festivities would look like. […]

People & Company

A Tree of Fulfilled Wishes

Adela Zimolova

20 Dec, 2016  

Christmas has always been a special time of the year for me. Getting together with my family and the closest friends – enjoying this calm time with loved ones after year-round rush. I can definitely say, Christmas is my most favorite time of the year and I was surprised by my colleagues in MANN+HUMMEL Nová Ves (Czech Republic) how much they like Christmas time as well. […]

People & Company

Our shoot in Gostyn (Poland)

Tom Reichelt

15 Dec, 2016  

Over the past few years I have developed and produced corporate films for MANN+HUMMEL with the company Smartfilmmedia & Partner. In May 2016, my team and I were awarded the contract to film a welcome event in Gostyn (Poland). We were one of four teams worldwide to capture the events held for Wix-Filtron employees in four countries (Poland, […]

People & Company

Coming Together from Afar: Quick Collaboration and Customer Solutions

Paul Davidsaver

14 Dec, 2016  

From day one, the merger between MANN+HUMMEL and MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology (formerly Affinia) has been a success story of teamwork and collaboration. I learned this first hand, and very quickly.

I am a global key account manager for MANN+HUMMEL. I joined the MANN+HUMMEL team in January, […]


The Aztec calendar’s trip through time

Zazil López

13 Dec, 2016  

Mexico has more than 120 million inhabitants – which is more than Spain and Italy combined – and a cultural history that goes back thousands of years. How does one summarise such a large country with such history with just one symbol? […]


Everyone plays by Aussie rules

Martin Muhlmann

8 Dec, 2016  

When people think of Australia they envisage cute koalas, cuddly kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee with his famous hunting knife. Alternatively, Australia is also known as the land of omnipresent poisonous spiders, snakes, jellyfish, sharks, and the hot blaring sun. We even have trees that pose a potential threat to life and limb; […]

Career & Apprenticeship

Could you build your own car?

Marcela Marazova

7 Dec, 2016  

Through our continuous interactions with secondary schools and universities, we offer students an opportunity to get to know MANN+HUMMEL Czech Republic during their studies as well as gain insight into the operations and possible career prospects offered by an international company. There is a focus on a broad range of activities covering not only motivational but also on vocational topics. […]


An icon in the automotive sector

Kaitlin Nunnery

6 Dec, 2016  

I am based in Michigan, USA: the home of the car and the home of Detroit – famously known as “Motor City”. When we were asked to choose an object to represent our location as part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations of MANN+HUMMEL, I knew that it should be something car related. […]