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Our customer obsession – achieving results

parts of the tec day

Obsession is “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind” and over the past year, the OE industrial filtration team at MANN+HUMMEL in Raleigh, USA has thought of nothing else but our customers. I have to confess, we have a customer obsession – but not in a deranged way! […]

Career & Apprenticeship

A challenging internship in Germany

trainee Nguyen Le

Germany is a country full of opportunities. Its dynamic and strong economy was one of the reasons I wanted to continue my Bachelor studies in International Business Administration here. I had been studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria and came to the SRH University in Heidelberg as an exchange student about 18 months ago. […]

People & Company

A successful trade fair spring season for HVAC and industry

SIMODEC in La Roche sur Foron/France

In the Intelligent Air Solutions business unit of MANN+HUMMEL we started the marketing year of 2018 with three trade fairs: the VSK in Utrecht (Netherlands) in early February, the SIMODEC in La Roche sur Foron (France) at the beginning of March, and the Nordbygg in Stockholm (Sweden) in the middle of April. […]

People & Company

Working in a global team

cross-cultural communication

Originating from France where I completed my industrial engineering studies and master degree in Cross-Cultural negotiations, I first heard of MANN+HUMMEL when I was working in China as a project manager and industrial design consultant. With the economic situation in Europe being delicate for most countries, […]

guest post, People & Company

It’s a kind of Magic

brainstorming and experiences

“One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal – one golden glance of what should be” are the lyrics from the song “It’s a kind of magic” from Queen, the legendary British rock band. In fact it seems that the melody, rhythm and text were always in our ears during the creation of the new concept and design for the Corporate Magazine FAST FORWARD. […]

Innovation & Technology

Ready to print!

open innvotion 2018

The Open Innovation Challenge is now firmly established at MANN+HUMMEL, with the fourth event being held this year. For Mirja Vogt and me, however, it is all the more exciting to start the year getting to grips with a new, relevant and forward-thinking topic. […]


So, it’s payday today! Recollections of a payroll clerk

a breath of the past

Ah children, how time flies! It is almost 60 years since I started at MANN+HUMMEL, first working as an assembly line worker, before moving on to work in the turning shop. Back then, both departments were still located in the Pamina Mann textile factory in the shed buildings, […]

History, People & Company

Chance encounters

view of Brasilia

It was March 1975 and I was about to embark on my first ever major trip overseas. I was about to travel to Mexico for six weeks and visit my biggest client to test whether the number of air filters could be reduced across the entire range of models. […]

Innovation & Technology

Plastic instead of aluminum

new inline filter

Leadership in Filtration – for this vision at MANN+HUMMEL project teams are sometimes willing to follow unusual and courageous paths. This is also the case with the development of a new type of inline fuel filter made from plastic. The significant challenges facing the development team were a change of philosophy at the supplied car producer, […]

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