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Two MANN+HUMMEL teams at Sweden’s renowned Vasa Race

vasa race

Each year, at the end of February/start of March, Sweden hosts the world’s largest cross-country skiing race, known as the ‘Vasaloppet’ (Vasa Race).  It covers a 90 km route through the Dalarna province and includes a team relay event. For my Swedish colleagues from Gothenburg and Svenljunga, […]

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There are many aspects to the NOx discussion

Activated carbon granules for removal of gases and odors

At the present time hardly a day goes by without something to read on the subject of nitrogen oxide (NOx). In the exhaust emissions scandal which first hit the headlines in connection with the Volkswagen Group and in the meantime has now come to affect the whole of the automotive industry, […]

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The AGCO Supplier Award belongs to all of us

AGCO Supplier

At the end of March, MANN+HUMMEL was recognised with the AGCO’s Supplier Award, which represents a huge success for our organisation. As Global Key Account Manager for AGCO, I was, of course, in attendance at the awards ceremony on 28 March. During the event, I was thinking what a shame it was that the whole team could not be there to accept the award. […]

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Agriculture past and present

In recent years, agricultural work has seen drastic change. Soil cultivation with GPS support and the analysis of weather data are now standard practice, human labour has largely been replaced with automation and the traditional farm has become an efficient agricultural enterprise. We, the end consumer, […]

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FILTER values in action

MANN+HUMMEL filter values

We all know that baseball is America’s pastime and I am lucky enough to work for the Kalamazoo Growlers, a team of college-aged players who play in the Northwoods League over the summer. In all, 20 teams play in the league and are drawn from all over the upper Midwest USA – Minnesota, […]

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Innovation live and in colour at the IAA

all MANN+HUMMEL exhibits

Many ways lead to the Leadership in Filtration and we are on all of those ways! More products and innovations which have accompanied us on this way will be presented for you on the IAA 2017 in Frankfurt.

You can´t be there? No problem, […]

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A new idea for a dusty problem

A new idea for a dusty problem

When the German emissions sticker was introduced for cars in 2007 it wasn’t easy for a diesel driver to obtain one of the desired green stickers. In those days only roughly 20% of all diesel cars met the requirements necessary for the emissions class Euro 4. […]

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Product Development Rolls On

Some things are just better together. For our Filtration teams in North Carolina, it’s the partnership of WIX and Purolator product development teams.  In 2016, as WIX joined the MANN+HUMMEL family, the WIX and Purolator teams entered new territory.  Formerly competitors in the aftermarket, they embarked on a journey to work together, […]

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Each new product has its own history.

intercooler from MANN+HUMMEL

Do you still remember the cars in the past which had diesel engines? The driver had to preheat the diesel for what seemed like ages before starting the engine. The engines were loud, dirty and had a performance which was as lively as stale beer. […]

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Focusing on care for the local community

Focusing on care for the local community

The Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) is a famous children’s hospital which provides paediatric care, research and education not only in Shanghai but throughout China. Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere) helps different organisations around the world to eradicate infectious diseases, educates parents on preventing childhood diseases, […]

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Do It Yourself: Spin-on filter

“Do you prefer hands-on learning, or sitting through a lecture with 70 slides?” I always like to pose this question whenever I have to introduce MANN+HUMMEL’s spin-on filter division in Marklkofen. As I’m sure you can imagine, the answer is usually pretty clear. […]

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Go for it! Living the American dream


Both my private and professional lives changed dramatically last year. At the start of 2016, I was working at MANN+HUMMEL Ludwigsburg as an Injection Moulding Shift Mechanic. By the end of the year, my wife and I were living over 4,500 miles away in Dunlap, […]

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Finally red again!

Enthusiasts are people who are really passionate about something. I am a Porsche enthusiast. Anyone who has met my Vita will not have doubted this for an instant. And as is the case with enthusiasts, they are very particular, as far as their passion is concerned. […]

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