Traffic Jam…when you hear this or similar traffic reports on the radio at home, you are usually relieved that you are not part of this horror scenario. If you have already been sitting in the middle of this traffic jam for an hour squeezed between two giant trucks at a temperature that feels like 50°C, things look completely different: you curse, are angry and would like to send the other vehicles to a place very far away.

What most people forget here is the following: the fact that we can today buy German beer in Spain or a French face cream in China is thanks not least to sophisticated global logistics networks. And these also include trucks, which transport products from A to B over distances of many thousands of miles. As consumers, this allows us to find a extremely varied and exotic products in our supermarkets.

For us as a company, this fact offers very different possibilities. Products such as air filters, air filter systems as well as oil and fuel filters and modules are installed in many of the trucks that try our patience on motorways. Due to the high mileages and demands in daily operation, these trucks must naturally be serviced regularly and the filters changed frequently as a result – something which makes the vehicles even more interesting for MANN+HUMMEL.

If you use the traffic jam to have a look around a little, it becomes apparent how harmless and tiny your own car is next to these giants. Correspondingly, it is then possible to imagine the difference in size between a car filter and the product for a truck.  The engine power and longer service life required by customers additionally place significantly increased demands on truck filters: for the modern vehicles and engines in the heavy-duty vehicle classes, our customers specify a service life of 1 million miles in comparison to 150,000 miles for a normal car.

In addition to the high requirements with respect to component lifetime and size, the components themselves have become technically highly complex: fuel injection systems have to be effectively protected against water contained in the fuel, while the oil temperature is regulated in order to heat up the oil as quickly as possible and thus achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions. All in all, this is therefore an exciting and challenging environment for the developers and engineers of our company.

MANN+HUMMEL employees should therefore turn a blind eye in the next traffic jam: after all, the big trucks to not just supply us with fresh and varied food as well as delicious products – they are also an important business segment for our company!

PS. If you would like to find out more about our products, you are very welcome to visit us at this year’s IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hanover until 2/10/2014.