Month: June 2017

People & Company

Filters, but faster

storage system our plant Marklkofen

One million driving jobs in six months: It’s fair to say that MANN+HUMMEL’s Marklkofen fleet of forklift trucks is never short of work. Working across three shifts, six narrow aisle trucks and four forklift trucks have the task of ensuring all materials flow smoothly between goods in and goods issue. […]

People & Company

Computers and IT Equipment to Children in Need

donates MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia

For the third year in a row, a group of volunteers from MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia, joined by other local companies, non-governmental organizations, and local individuals in the Tesanj region, have organized donations of used computers and IT equipment for children and schools in serious economic need. […]

People & Company

Work in Thailand and enjoy local culture

Vincent´s experiences abroad

After more than 3 years spent at Changchun MANN+HUMMEL China with an unbelievable experience of being the only French expat in 8 million habitant Chinese city I moved to Thailand in August 2015. Thailand is known for his touristic attractiveness and as kingdom of smile but it is worth to look behind the cliché. […]

People & Company

Keys for MANN+HUMMEL Colombia


As Country Manager of MANN+HUMMEL Colombia, I have been responsible for leading the startup of our new site and operations since the 2nd of January 2017.  Having completed the startup process in about 4 months has been a great milestone for us, so that as of 1st of May we took full responsibility for business development across Colombia, […]

People & Company

Tales of Porsche on museum tour

visit MANN+HUMMEL museum

At the beginning of this year, a former Porsche colleague Hans Clausecker asked me if he could bring a group of retired Porsche workers to visit the new MANN+HUMMEL filter museum. I was more than happy to accept his request and also offered him a tour of our new testing centre. […]

Career & Apprenticeship

The long journey to my dream job

The long journey to my dream job

In September 2016, I began an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic at MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg. While I may not have been here for that long, I can honestly say that this is my dream job!

I always intended to graduate from secondary school and pursue a career, […]

Innovation & Technology

WIX Filters in the Midst of a Wildfire

Wix District Managers spend a great deal of time working on their own, servicing our customers and increasing sales. Occasionally we have a chance to collaborate with other departments in order to take advantage of a market opportunity or solve a problem for a customer.  […]

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