Month: July 2017

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Hasten Historic 2017 – what a rally!

The thirteenth ‘Hasten Historic’ vintage rally took place on 24 June 2017. This year, I assumed the role of tour leader for the popular event, which is well-known way beyond the region “Bergisches Land” where it is taking place. Amongst other things, my duties included working out a suitable route and keeping a road book, […]

Career & Apprenticeship

Internship at 16: It’s never too young

internship at MANN+HUMMEL

I write this blog as my two-week internship at MANN+HUMMEL is coming to an end. This internship started off as a requirement in order to successfully complete my Grade 10 but I considered this opportunity to be able to do an internship in my area of interest at a young age as bliss. […]

People & Company

Focus on Africa

MANN+HUMMEL South Africa

MANN+HUMMEL, a global player in filtration, continues to expand into different markets, both in terms of applications and regions. We have had good relationships in South Africa for many years, so took the decision to align ourselves more closely with our African customers. By November 2016, […]

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MANN+HUMMEL Mexcio sponsoring

Mi nombre es Francisco López y trabajo en el área de Finanzas de la planta de MANN HUMMEL en Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, México. En concreto estoy en el Centro de Distribución. Empecé a trabajar aquí en octubre de 2008, por medio de un outsourcing, y ya como parte de la compañía desde octubre de 2011. […]

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MANN+HUMMEL Mexcio sponsoring

My name is Francisco López and I work in the finance department in the MANN+HUMMEL factory in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, Mexico. To be more precise, I am in the distribution center. I started working here in October 2008, as part of outsourcing, and since October 2011, […]

People & Company

Global not local – Lead Team 2.0

Sebastian Scharmach

With the objectives of changing mindsets, creating space for new approaches and focusing on effective and robust processes in mind, we are working to constantly expand our knowledge and share it with colleagues around the world by the most direct means possible. This also includes making and being allowed to make decisions independently based on our expertise and then subsequently taking responsibility for these and of course implementing them. […]

People & Company

Dancing for Future Stars – Fun(d)raising for a good cause

Ralph Müller attends Dancing for Future Stars

Post-merger activities typically consider all areas of a company and so it came that Keith Wilson, President of MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology, brought up a topic that was obviously important for Wix-Filtron: Charity. Keith introduced us to the long culture of WIX to care for the people and families and how donations and personal involvement in the community is seen as an investment. […]

Innovation & Technology

Electric Mobility offers opportunities

In May 2016, the German government announced an Electric Mobility funding programme. Anyone who chooses to purchase an electric vehicle will receive an ‘environmental bonus’ of EUR 3000 or 4000. Now, one year later the topic is still in the news and it is still gaining in relevance! […]

People & Company

A group of CSR dream pursuers

A group of CSR dream pursuers

Long Jinbao, a normal Mulao country boy, came into our sight because of family difficulties: his father died at the beginning of 2012 due to a sickness; his mother and younger brother were both badly affected by a mental disease; his grandma is over 60. […]

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