Month: November 2017

People & Company

Music, Filters, Food and Cars at the MANN+HUMMEL Day

MANN+HUMMEL family day in Nová Ves.

This Saturday afternoon was different. My husband disappeared from our house just after noon to set up demonstrations and examples of the work we do in the test laboratory of MANN+HUMMEL Service. I tried to put our two little ones to sleep before the event as I knew it was going to be a long day for us all and our oldest son was too excited to do his homework. […]

Career & Apprenticeship

Completing an internship abroad – my month in Barcelona

My name is Alexander Wöber and I’m a second-year electronics engineer apprentice for industrial systems based in Ludwigsburg. In September 2017, I was given the opportunity to complete a four-week internship abroad in Barcelona. After hearing about the invitation to enter  this project from my boss Ursula Fritz and speaking to my colleagues Florian Senft and Anastasia Doulgkeri, […]

Career & Apprenticeship

‘Under Pressure’ – achieving our goal together

When hearing the name ‘Under Pressure’, I’m sure for many of you Queen’s hit song from the 80s will come to mind. In this instance, however, we’re talking about a team name that perfectly describes a certain aspect of our work. This is not to say we are working under unwanted pressure, […]

People & Company

Bowled over by FILTER values

Watching FILTER values emerge

Focus, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Excellence and Respect – we all know the FILTER values. When our company merged with MANN+HUMMEL to become MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters, the FILTER values concept was relatively new to the employees, some of whom had already worked with the company for 45 years. […]

People & Company

MANN-FILTER at the EQUIP AUTO 2017 trade show

Equip Auto 2017

MANN-FILTER was once again in attendance at the 2017 Equip Auto trade show, held at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from 17 to 21 October 2017. Located in Hall 1, the automotive supplier benefited from a 100 m2 stand, where they welcomed attendees and exhibited the famous Mercedes AMG GT 3. […]

Innovation & Technology

Electric mobility at the Frankfurt motor show

Cathode air cleaner system

This year MANN+HUMMEL again presented products for electric mobility and fuel cells at the Frankfurt motor show – and there was considerable interest from the public. In addition to the well‑known battery frames for the Chevrolet Volt everything revolved around filtration products for electric mobility and fuel cells. […]

Innovation & Technology

Startups and MANN+HUMMEL

the idea of cooperating with startups

What do most startups have in common? Most startups have in common a unique idea and limited resources to develop it. They usually look for investors or partners through crowdsourcing to initiate the funding of their product or services. However, startup companies can also work with Accelerators which support them through education, […]

People & Company

Arizona, here we come!

I have already written about my experiences of summer testing in North Africa a few times on the MANN+HUMMEL blog. On these trips we repeatedly encountered difficulties with our travel arrangements. When it came to organising the summer engine testing for one of our major clients in the summer of 1976, […]

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