Month: January 2018

Innovation & Technology

“Sometimes a big crystal ball would be practical …”

cathode air filter

In which direction are we heading? This is often a popular question when we start to think of the future. It’s a good question, but also very difficult to answer. As Director of Global Sales at MANN+HUMMEL I have worked intensively over the last 16 years in responsible positions on themes which have to do with the future of our company. […]

People & Company

Auditing almost without friction points

Every year, I spend between six and ten weeks on the move. My destination: our sites around the world which carry out specific tasks within our development network. When I visit, I check whether the development site operates to its assigned level. There are five different levels. […]

People & Company

The time for unflinching vanity is over

Berlin fall of the wall

A pink tracksuit with a little yellow sun on the stomach: that was the outfit I was wearing the first time I ever saw the Berlin wall – or rather what was left of it. Shortly after the wall fell, we – my parents, my older brother and I – wanted to do our bit to help tear down the last remnants of dictatorship and oppression. […]


A trip down memory lane

VW Kaefer

Namibia had always been high on our list of places to visit, mainly because of the wildlife there. By autumn 2010, the time had finally come for my wife and I to fulfil this dream. After packing our suitcases, we, together with my wife’s cousin and his wife, […]

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