Month: June 2018

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  • Heinz Müller

    Heinz Müller worked at MANN+HUMMEL for several decades, as part of the development, design and technical sales teams. He tested parts for a major customer in many different countries, sometimes under extreme weather conditions.

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  • Ingrid Wittke

    Ingrid Wittke works in Corporate Communications at MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg and has been looking after the corporate blog since May 2015. As the manager of this blog, Ingrid has experienced the (almost) limitless possibilities of the world wide web, day in day out, when it comes to obtaining information, getting to know other cultures and improving your skills.

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  • Flavia Toniati

    Flavia Toniati graduated in Social Communications / Public Relations at Puc-Campinas and has a Specialization in Organizational Psychology. She joined MANN+HUMMEL in 2014 as a Communications Intern and currently acts as Assistant to the VP & General Manager.

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  • Marco Peccia

    Marco Peccia has been working for MANN+HUMMEL since March 2015. He is currently responsible for Marketing and Sales Analyst (IAM) and Communication in MANN+HUMMEL Italia.

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  • Isabel Laforet

    Isabel Laforet started at MANN+HUMMEL more than 10 years ago and has always worked in sales/marketing roles within the company. After participating in the InCube Program in Silicon Valley for 6 months, she is now working together with the team to make a success of qlair, MANN+HUMMEL’s first Corporate Startup. In her role as Chief Customer Officer, her responsibility is the global customer and sales strategy development.

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  • Janet Jaramillo

    Janet Jaramillo started her MANN+HUMMEL career in Mexico five years ago. She has recently relocated to North Carolina and is Corporate Communications Coordinator in Fayetteville.

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