Month: July 2018

People & Company

Experiencing France from the saddle

road cycling

How did it start?

While I was working for MANN+HUMMEL in Poland, I was also a professional Volleyball player. After playing in league matches for 15 years, I decided to retire as the punishment on my body was starting to be problematic. I still needed to do some physical activity and my then Director, […]

People & Company

Bees make MANN+HUMMEL site their home

queen bee

Since mid-April 2018, we now have around 30,000 new employees at the Ludwigsburg site. Their two wooden hives are situated on the roof of the company car park and – you guessed it – they are now busy making honey. More precisely, they are collecting the sweet plant nectar that I will later use to make the honey in my role as beekeeper. […]

People & Company

There is always another obstacle …

obstacle races

When I talk to my friends and colleagues about my hobby taking part in obstacle races, the reaction is usually a mixture of surprise, sympathy and unspoken doubts as to whether or not I’ve lost my marbles. 😉 Admittedly, climbing over 2.5-metre-high wooden walls, crawling through mud or jumping into ice-cold streams in freezing temperatures – all of which I do voluntarily as part of these ‘adventure runs’ – is not for everyone. […]

Innovation & Technology

Creativity needs room to play

new innovation lab

A change of scenery can inspire people to change the way they think about things and come up with fresh new ideas. It’s so important to encourage employees to get creative and giving them a chance to step outside of their usual surroundings is a great way of doing just that. […]

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