Month: July 2018

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MANN+HUMMEL Vokes Air and OPIC in Vienna

operating room

Most people spend relatively little time in an operating room. And if you are not a surgeon, anesthetist, assistant or other nursing professional, you will not be sorry about this fact. No one likes to have an operation because even with simple operations there is always a certain risk. […]

Career & Apprenticeship, Spanish

Pasantía made in México

Mexico Market

Cuando me mudé de México para estudiar en Alemania, sola y sin saber el idioma, tenía dieciocho años. Pero como es natural a la edad de dieciocho años, no tiene uno mucha idea de lo que está haciendo. Pero para mí estaba claro que Alemania es competente y es líder en términos de ingeniería de tratamiento de residuos y aguas residuale, […]

Career & Apprenticeship

Education made in Mexico

Education made in Mexico vs. Germany

When I moved from Mexico to Germany for the purpose of my studies – all alone and completely foreign to the language – I was eighteen years old. But as it is with eighteen, you don’t really know much about what you are doing. To me it was clear though that Germany is very present and competent when it comes to waste and wastewater treatment, […]

Innovation & Technology

“The most dangerous things are those you cannot see”

Microplastics and multi-resistant germs

It actually started with a business idea where I saw the possibility to expand our business in the area of waste water. We planned to separate multi-resistant germs found in waste water with the aid of membrane technology. In the meantime, the subject of multi‑resistant germs has become much more than just work for me. […]

People & Company

New collaboration to tackle indoor air pollution

products for better air

Based in Singapore, I joined the Intelligent Air Solutions (IAS) team in 2017. Since then, I have witnessed the birth and seen the development of OurAir – a new brand of MANN+HUMMEL dedicating in indoor air quality solutions. This is a new sector for MANN+HUMMEL and it’s an exciting role to be in. […]

Innovation & Technology

From fine dust pollution to the filter idea

Albert Kamm and his air flow

An idea is not just a product

I had the idea as early as 2005. At that time the subject of fine dust pollution was receiving a lot of attention in the media and the motor car was quickly identified as the villain. As a car enthusiast I was unhappy about that even though I was naturally aware that motor cars did in fact partly contribute towards the high level of pollution. […]

People & Company

Experiencing France from the saddle

road cycling

How did it start?

While I was working for MANN+HUMMEL in Poland, I was also a professional Volleyball player. After playing in league matches for 15 years, I decided to retire as the punishment on my body was starting to be problematic. I still needed to do some physical activity and my then Director, […]

People & Company

Bees make MANN+HUMMEL site their home

queen bee

Since mid-April 2018, we now have around 30,000 new employees at the Ludwigsburg site. Their two wooden hives are situated on the roof of the company car park and – you guessed it – they are now busy making honey. More precisely, they are collecting the sweet plant nectar that I will later use to make the honey in my role as beekeeper. […]

People & Company

There is always another obstacle …

obstacle races

When I talk to my friends and colleagues about my hobby taking part in obstacle races, the reaction is usually a mixture of surprise, sympathy and unspoken doubts as to whether or not I’ve lost my marbles. 😉 Admittedly, climbing over 2.5-metre-high wooden walls, crawling through mud or jumping into ice-cold streams in freezing temperatures – all of which I do voluntarily as part of these ‘adventure runs’ – is not for everyone. […]

Innovation & Technology

Creativity needs room to play

new innovation lab

A change of scenery can inspire people to change the way they think about things and come up with fresh new ideas. It’s so important to encourage employees to get creative and giving them a chance to step outside of their usual surroundings is a great way of doing just that. […]

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