Month: September 2018

Innovation & Technology

“Daddy’s making the air clean!”

fine dust eater

In a way it all began with Alfred Weber. It was his idea to take a VW Passat and integrate forms of technology in the car which MANN+HUMMEL uses to address the subject of fine dust pollution. His aim was to show what modern filtration systems today are able to achieve. […]

Innovation & Technology

How filters and rail 4.0 go together

Cyclone Filter

Railway transportation is environmentally friendly. That is not just a marketing claim and is easy to prove. Per kilometer and passenger, a long-distance train on average produces just 41 grams of CO2. A private car, on the other hand, emits on average of 142 grams and a passenger airplane even emits 211 grams. […]

Innovation & Technology

“Once again we are setting new standards …”

The MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus cabin filter is one of the many success stories of MANN+HUMMEL. This new filter from the company is able to filter out almost 100% of the fine dust from the intake air. It also filters out harmful gases such as NOx, SO2 or ozone and reliably binds allergens, […]

Innovation & Technology

Biofunctional filters for HVAC biofunctionalsystems


A year ago the Jack Filter company which I owned and managed was taken over by MANN+HUMMEL. One of the reasons I found the step positive at that time was the interesting and successful technology which MANN+HUMMEL implements in the automotive business. This also applies to the biofunctional filtration technology from MANN+HUMMEL which we now wish to introduce in the field of HVAC (heating, […]

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