My name is Jesús Alonso and I am the director of human resources at the only factory operated by MANN+HUMMEL in Spain, located in Zaragoza, in Aragon. Our factory was founded 54 years ago and currently employs more than 800 workers. We are very proud of our long history as a solvent company which, from the beginning, has been committed to corporate social responsibility and its impact on workers, their families and the autonomous community of Aragon. Several years ago, the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento (Aragonese Institute for Development), acting on behalf of the Government of Aragon, launched a campaign to promote social responsibility among Aragonese companies, creating the CSR Seal. Companies may be awarded this seal after completing a comprehensive questionnaire on strategies and subjects related to the social responsibility of a company. It covers aspects such as commitment to workers, social impact, working environment, innovation, the sustainable development goals set out by the UN and the articles of association. This questionnaire is evaluated by a committee, and, if approved, the company is awarded the CSR Seal, which is conferred at an annual ceremony. MANN+HUMMEL IBÉRICA was awarded the CSR Seal in the first year of its existence.

Awarding of the CSR+ Seal

The Government of Aragon decided to take a second step in promoting corporate social responsibility by creating the CSR+ Seal. For this award, it was not enough to simply fill in a questionnaire; instead, companies seeking to obtain the CSR+ Seal have to demonstrate compliance with the requirements in at least two of the four categories that are evaluated. These categories are equality, corporate volunteering, work-life balance and promotion of Aragonese culture. At MANN+HUMMEL IBERICA, we had been working in these areas long before the Government of Aragon proposed this seal.

Our team of corporate volunteers comprises 40 employees who spend a lot of their free time organising and participating in activities with associations, foundations and non-profits (food banks, replanting trees in deforested areas, projects with marginalised groups, collection points for gifts, etc.).

We have also worked for years in the area of equality, which is why we applied for the CSR+ Seal based on our activities in these two categories. After we had submitted our application, the Government of Aragon granted us the CSR+ Seal based on our intense efforts in the categories of equality and corporate volunteering.

The importance of social responsibility

The human resources team was involved in obtaining the CSR+ Seal from the beginning. I personally completed the questionnaires, and our department coordinates the company’s activities and strategies on social responsibility. It was a great honour for us to attend the awards ceremony in December 2018. The awarding of the CSR+ Seal is a recognition of the work we have been doing for so many years. Personally, I am also very proud to work for a company like MANN+HUMMEL IBERICA that firmly believes in corporate social responsibility. We are one of the few companies that publish a report on corporate social responsibility specifying all strategies, activities and initiatives that we carry out. It is an indication of how important it is for us to give so much time, effort and resources to conducting such activities.

A look to the future

The CSR+ Seal encourages us to continue working on corporate social responsibility. Our employees take pride in this distinction, and it has made us a very attractive company for future talents, since young people place great importance on commitment to the environment, social responsibility and a commitment to workers. The CSR+ Seal also places us in good standing with public authorities. MANN+HUMMEL IBERICA is a company that has committed and will continue to commit itself to social responsibility as one of the key priorities in its corporate Management.