“For me, art is a way to calm down, to relax, to spend my leisure time and enjoy the hours after work. I used to paint in my childhood and have expressed myself by my art ever since. Some of my paintings are even exhibited in some local galleries in Bangalore.

When I heard about Alfred Weber’s visit of the Service Center in Bangalore I decided to express our company’s history in a painting and hand it over to Mr. Weber. Last year my Indian colleagues arranged a poster making contest under the motto “Life at MANN+HUMMEL”. I wanted to put the many things that happen here into my poster, e.g. technology, teamwork, products, business segments, cafeteria, games, employee engagement activities, innovations and many others. The finished painting is now shown in the MANN+HUMMEL Service Center.

Bild Herr Weber

The painting that I handed over to Mr. Weber also expresses my view of MANN+HUMMEL. However, in a slightly different way: It illustrates parts of the company’s 75 year long journey and its future. The main part of the painting consists of 75 sticks – one for each year that MANN+HUMMEL existed. The brown landscape in the background symbolizes parts of Stuttgart when it was destroyed by the bombings in the 2nd World War – the time when MANN+HUMMEL was founded. The orange shaded figure signifies the growth of our company. The two anatomically shaped forms at both sides of the figure represent our two founders, Adolf Mann and Dr. Erich Hummel. It is built on a foundation with six corners that represent our six FILTER values. The values act as pillars for our process of growth. The blue sticks at the upper part of the painting shows the strategy planned for the upcoming years. The four white pillars symbolize the four business segments: Automotive Original Equipment, Automotive Aftermarket, Industrial Filtration and Water Filtration.

Bild Hr. Weber I

I have been working here at MANN+HUMMEL for 15 months. Currently, I work as a Design and Development Engineer at our Service Center in Bangalore, India, but started as a Graduate Engineering Trainee. When I first joined the company, I was a little worried whether I’d be able to meet the challenges and live up to my supervisors’ expectations. It turned out that I didn’t have to worry. Everyone I’ve met so far is nice, friendly and supportive. FILTER values are not just empty words. They’re filled with meaning by the people that work here. MANN+HUMMEL means a lot to me and my colleagues. I’m glad I had the chance to hand over my painting to Alfred Weber and I’m happy to work for MANN+HUMMEL. ”