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Potenciar la innovación y la creatividad a través de los juegos

Imagínense la escena: el responsable de gestión de productos de una gran empresa industrial convoca una reunión para analizar tendencias de mercado. La mayoría visualizaría un grupo de señores muy serios consultando con solemnidad documentos y gráficas en torno a una gran mesa. Quizá sea más inusual que el centro de esa mesa este plagado de piezas de Lego…

Jugar es algo muy serio

El pasado mes de marzo,

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Games as a tool for analysing tendencies

Imagine this scenario: the person in charge of product management at a large industrial company calls a meeting to analyse market trends. Most would visualise a group of very serious men and women solemnly consulting documents and images around a large table. “That the centre of the table is covered in Lego pieces would have come last to your mind as it is very unconventonal…”

Playing is very serious

Last March in Speyer (Germany) eight of us from MANN+HUMMEL met at a workshop about innovation in the field of product management in order to identify and analyse current market trends,

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Different products for different markets

Life in China is a very challenging, but also very interesting experience. An experience I would recommend to anyone. But I also have to mention that there are cultural and lifestyle-related challenges here due to Shanghai’s large population. My hometown in Spain, Zaragoza,

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