Hi. I’m a brick. And you heard right: I can talk. Where am I to be found? That’s a very good question, because it’s exactly what I want to tell you. My home for the last 75 years has been Hindenburgstraße 45 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

That’s where Plant 1 is located, which was one of the first production locations of the now global company MANN+HUMMEL. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, in a manner of speaking, I’m something of a celebrity. I mean, who else has had the luck to have been with such a successful company right from the start? My neighboring bricks and I were there at the formation of the company in January 1941, as “foundation stones“ so to speak. And there are lots of us, because the entire plant comprises six buildings and around 118,400 square feet of land. Incidentally: you can also see that we’re something special by the fact that these historical buildings are under heritage protection. But that’s just by the way.

Before the company founders Adolf Mann and Dr. Erich Hummel walked past me for the first time to inspect the halls back then, the Bleyle textile plant 2 was housed here. Even further back, it was the home of the royal uniform supplier. After all, the building was built in 1899/1900! But I can hardly remember that any more. Even bricks were young once …

However, back to MANN+HUMMEL in 1941. Just a few months after the company’s foundation – it was now June – things really got going here. Because from that moment on, Filterwerk Mann + Hummel, as it was at the time, started production. There was a lot going on, I can tell you! 200 employees – that was the initial team – produced oil and fuel filters, air filters and intake silencers.

And today? Sure, I’m still here. There’s not much that can bring a brick out of kilter after being fired at up to 1650°F. Today, the completed building complex covers an area of 161.500 square feet. Construction has gone on all around us. We’re located near the center of Ludwigsburg, directly opposite the County District Office. But now it’s time to say goodbye, as the plant was sold to property specialists Wohninvest in May 2015. All the esteemed employees of MANN+ HUMMEL are moving to the nearby Weststadt district from mid-2016. And leaving the old bricks like me behind … So think of me and of the early days of MANN+HUMMEL when you pass by. I am and remain a foundation stone!