Lu Wen at the MANN+HUMMEL Engineering SchoolIn the beginning of 2013, it was my honour to join the MANN+HUMMEL Engineering School in China. As of today, I have been a trainee at MANN+HUMMEL for nearly one month.

The very first thing I did during my first day at MANN+HUMMEL was my introduction training. From HR to the trade union, each department trained the new employees, and gave us an overview about the company from various perspectives. This helped to deepen our understanding of the company, and really gave us an inside look into the dynamic atmosphere of the company. Once the orientation training was complete, the engineering school trainees are assigned into specific R&D team and then work and learn from an actual project.

The spirit of MANN+HUMMEL Engineering School

China: Lu Wen at the MANN+HUMMEL Engineering SchoolAfter four weeks, we were sent to a workshop focusing on productive internships as planned. The first section of my internship was for cabin filters. When I initially came to the workshops, I really didn’t know how to start, and I was filled with a multitude of thoughts and ideas, but had no idea what to do. Just as I was at a loss, Mr. Song, the section chief, patiently guided us to visit the production line for cabin filters, and explained to us process parameters, production flow, facilities, and so on. He also answered our various questions so that we had a better knowledge of cabin filter products. Other trainers in the workshop gave us an introduction of the various products. As a result, we realized that MANN+HUMMEL pursues the aim of excellence and perfection, and that “Best Quality, Best Service” is not just a saying.

I was recruited to the MANN+HUMMEL Engineering School through the HR department in China. Through the engineering school, I am now gradually changing into a working professional. This is, for me, a strange and amazing journey. The engineering school training lasts between 25-39 months, depending on how long you stay in each of the respective phases. The first phase is company orientation and gaining practical experience on the production line, followed by a job rotation in different departments, general engineering training, intensive engineering training coupled with an apprenticeship in Germany, then it’s on the job training, and finally, working overseas on an actual project. The engineering school provides us with an extensive training that prepares us for a successful future in engineering with MANN+HUMMEL.

How I got my dream job out of MANN+HUMMEL Engineering School 

I am lucky compared to some of my peers, who have had difficulty choosing jobs, because at this moment, I have my dream job with this thriving company. I am also fortunate not to be in a constant state of anxiety searching for a job like many others my age. Being an employee means undertaking responsibilities not only for myself, but also for other people, as well as for the company. I feel myself significantly responsible at this moment. It is nice to know that MANN+HUMMEL puts trust into event the newest of their employees to take on projects and make their own decisions.

A man once said, “Young people don’t just work for salaries, but also for dreams, for their future, for a future life, and for growing-up”. We have just started our professional careers, and there are still plenty of possibilities in our futures. Perhaps we will not achieve all of our goals, perhaps we have bright prospects, but I am convinced of one English motto from Alan Kay: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

After all, life always surprises you – as long as you make the effort.

“There are no gains without pains…” (Benjamin Franklin)