Every work day, we spend almost 10 hours in the office with our colleagues, which is about 50 hours in a week, or 2,400 hours in a year!  Most of the time, we need to work together with colleagues to settle a variety of issues, which can sometimes be challenging.

International community

community jenniferMANN+HUMMEL Singapore (MHSG), with a staff strength of 35 people, excluding the representative offices, is a small business unit within the MANN+HUMMEL group.  Amazingly, it is a melting pot of seven different nationalities from Asia (Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Korean, and Indian) and Europe (British and German).  If we include the representative offices, there are even more nationalities such as Philippines, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and we even still have dealings with our Thai colleagues (our ex-rep office). Despite our differences in nationality and culture, the staff in MANN+HUMMEL Singapore are considered quite a close community where we can work together on different projects and assignments, sometimes without realizing our differences in backgrounds.

In order to make our community even closer, the MANN Club was formed in 2011, where we started our activities with a Family Day. Lots of activities have since been organized with the objective of building a family in our office, and to create a feeling that our office is our second home. MANN Club activities in 2012 were more focused towards a healthy life style, and in 2013, we are combining not only health topics, but also leisure activities which our people enjoy.community 2

community 3

community 4Activities organized so far in 2013 have been a MANN Club logo competition, monthly birthday celebration, karaoke night, badminton workout, fun bowling, fruit and sandwich day, movie lunch, and in the pipeline, we’re going to organize a family chill-out day, teambuilding, and Christmas dinner!

A great community – a great place to work

The current MANN Club committee members are Francisca Limahelu, Leon Ho, and Kerene Guo.  HR sends a representative to assist in most of the activities, and we appreciate the contributions from our HR intern, Eva Mahler, who has just completed her internship, and also Hui Ling, who has taken over her portfolio. The committee invests a substantial amount of time and effort to organize various activities which cater to our colleagues’ interests. We do hope that MANN Club activities will be able to promote the fun and teamwork in our office, and thus, brings MANN+HUMMEL Singpore a step closer to being a great place to work!

community 5