There are colourful lights all over the place,

And soft white snow brings a smile to every face.

It’s not long now, Christmas time will soon be here,

So we bring you this poem to mark the end of the year.


Now is the time for contemplation,

Giving us cause for jubilation.

Yet not everyone’s as fortunate at this time of year,

So we’re asking this question to our colleagues most dear:

  Of the year just gone, what good deeds can you boast?

Were you there for others when they needed you most?


The answer from our colleagues fills us with cheer,

It’s not only in the office that their hard work is clear,

They also love to help those in need,

Their 2016 has been full of good deeds!

So we’re taking this moment to take just a few

Of the great things they’ve done, and tell them to you:

MANN+HUMMEL Marklkofen

Marklhofen in Germany, back in June,

Came under attack from a mini-monsoon:

Sadly for those in the district Rottal-Inn,

The rain came down and the flooding set in.

But the MANN+HUMMEL team all joined together,

And set out to battle the terrible weather.

More than 3000 Euro with hard work they raised,

And all those affected were thankfully saved.


Our team in Italy was just as motivated –

To two different projects were their efforts dedicated.

Save the Children are getting a healthy donation,

Which they’ll surely receive with much elation.

They fight for better lives for all children worldwide,

A cause we support with both pleasure and pride.


The team also wanted to help another charity,

For deaf and blind people living in Italy.

Everyone has a right to social inclusion,

So donating to them was a foregone conclusion.


And now to our team over in the UK,

Whose gift to their town food bank may make someone’s day.

Each and every year they arrange a collection,

Full of food, toys and toiletries – a truly wonderful selection!

So in 2016 the same initiative was planned,

And many were eager to lend a helping Hand.

Donation from MHUK


Helping others and happiness follow suit

Isn’t it lovely when you can contribute?

So now we close the chapter on the past year,

And turn our thoughts to winter and the festive cheer.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and season’s greetings galore,

Together we’ll be ready for what 2017 has in store!