Christmas is a time for giving and, for Noble Gift, one of the busiest time of the year. For the ninth year in succession, MANN+HUMMEL Poland are supporting the Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Gift) initiative. Noble Gift is one of the most well-known social projects in Poland and has been going since 2001. Through it, specially-trained volunteers work with families to permanently improve their situation, giving them strength and helping them to cope with some of the problems life throws up.

Poland’s Noble Gift initiative

Noble Gift is the only system of direct help in the world that combines large-scale action with practical, concrete person-to-person support. From around June each year, volunteers identify families or individuals that are in need of help, get to know them personally and work with them to understand their needs and hopes for the future. Typical support cases include:

  • families where one parent cannot work as they have to stay at home to care for a sick child,
  • elderly people living alone and feeling isolated, or
  • parents and children affected by a catastrophic event such as flood, fire or a death in the family.


Once a deserving case is found, the volunteer puts a profile of the family or individual online on the website. The profile also includes exact details of the help or support needed to change and improve lives. The profiles go live on the website in November. Benefactors can search the site to find people in need in their area. Each benefactor then prepares a parcel to meet some of the specific needs of their chosen family or individual. On average, 35 people help each family, so co-ordination of the donations by the volunteer is crucial to avoid duplication.

The Weekend of Miracles

At the climax of the project, during the “Weekend of Miracles” in December, benefactors deliver their parcels to one of the warehouses run by Szlachetna Paczka and the volunteers distribute these parcels to thousands of homes across Poland. This year, the aid will go to nearly 20,000 families – but that is not the end of the story. Volunteers keep in touch with the family or individual and give them support to ensure their lives are improving. Plus, the volunteers also update the benefactors on progress.

MANN+HUMMEL Poland supporting a local family

As a socially responsible company, MANN+HUMMEL Poland want to give back to the community we operate in. Supporting the Noble Gift initiative is an excellent way to achieve this aim and we are participating in this year’s Weekend of Miracles. We have been in close contact with a local Szlachetna Paczka volunteer and identified a family in need in our district. My colleagues and I have prepared a parcel of food, clothing, blankets and bedding according to the family’s wishes.

Szlachetna Paczka

Through talking to the volunteer, who had got to know the family very well, it was clear that the children dreamed of a bunk bed for their bedroom – something we are also very pleased to provide. Furthermore, the volunteer mentioned that the old fridge had also broken down. Thanks to the open-heartedness and generosity of everyone at MANN+HUMMEL Poland, we have managed to organise funds to purchase a new one.

Spreading joy at Christmas

A magical time is approaching, and everyone has the right to spend Christmas with their loved ones and forget about problems, just for a moment.  It is an honour for us to help and a great privilege to make this a joyful time of year for people in need. We send our best wishes to all the Szlachetna Paczka families in Poland.