Act for clean air chinaComing from China, like many other Chinese people, I am concerned about the particle dust pollution in my country. Recently, the hazy weather often appears in the northern cities, including capital Beijing. That was also reported by the media around the world. I have friends living in Beijing, and I have spoken to them on the phone and told them I am worried about their health. I asked them how they protect themselves and how they deal with the situation. Thankfully my friends are very proactive and take simple and efficient measures to protect themselves when going outside such as wearing masks and, avoiding staying outdoors for long. They also spend more time doing exercise to strengthen their immune system.

The particle dust pollution problem sometimes reaches us here in Shanghai too. In comparison with northern part of the country, the smog only appears occasionally in winter and spring there. Sometimes the air is as thick as fog. You can’t smell anything, but the air pollution is plain to see. In Shanghai local PM2.5 data are available and is publicized by the environmental protection department to give people advice.

Air pollution – a serious problem

air pollution chinaSo if people do have to go outside, some of them wear a special protective mask in the serious hazy weather. When the pollution gets too strong, the children at schools are not allowed to play outside.

Our government proposed some action plans in an effort to try to reduce air pollution. For example in Beijing, only cars with certain number plates could be used on certain days. In many metro cities, more and more people choose public transport such as subways and buses to promote ‘green travel’. Even during the Spring Festival, people have greatly reduced setting off fireworks in order to reduce the adverse effects of air quality. The industrial players are also actively working on innovative solutions and technologies to reduce their emissions and fight against the smog. I am happy to see that the private sector tries to get the environmental pollution under control too.

High efficiency for clean air

To help Chinese customers respond to poor air quality and PM2.5 particulate matters, the new high-efficiency filter media and technology for in-vehicle cabin air filters from MANN+HUMMEL offer separation efficiency of at least 90 percent in a particle range from 0.3 to 2.5 microns. We presented this technology to the public last year and received a huge response from the Chinese media and customers.

Technology Innovation Award

Particles which have an aerodynamic diameter of less than 2.5 micrometres are particularly dangerous, as they can penetrate deep into the lungs and even become absorbed into the bloodstream causing risks to public health.

Our new cabin air filters protect vehicle occupants from these hidden killers. Every hour, vehicles take up to 540,000 litres of air from outside into the vehicle through the ventilation system. Compared to competing cabin filters in Chinese market, the new technology from MANN+HUMMEL effectively reduces PM2.5 concentration in vehicles in far less time.

Bringing fresh air back to our life in China

Maggie WuAs a member of MANN+HUMMEL, I’m very proud of what we are doing as our filtration technology can purify the air inside vehicles. I believe our efforts will benefit more people in China with the development of our company.

London was called “The Smoke” for its serious smoke pollution at the beginning of 20th century. Now its environment has been greatly improved. I hope we can learn from the city and bring the fresh air back to our life in China.