Since Heike Lisson handed the corporate blog over to me some time ago, I put all my energy in its development. That means in detail organizing blog entries and customizing them, building a network, distributing our articles through our social media platforms and of course much more! Meanwhile, an open communication takes place on the MANN+HUMMEL blog and our social networks. Moreover, we are also proud of a large number of readers. As the Corporate Blog Manager I’m always looking forward to the great collaboration with our national and international colleagues and the fact, that THEIR articles also inspire OTHERS. The corporate blog and our authors are contributing to MANN+HUMMELs good review on their own special way.

Why should we have a corporate blog?

Strategically, the MANN+HUMMEL blog is the core content hub of all our social media activities. These very personal blog entries provide a look behind the scenes for employees and friends of the company as well as target groups such as job applicants, journalists or other bloggers. Through that, our authors present a multifaceted picture of the MANN+HUMMEL world, characterized by unique experience and exciting information. Moreover, this blog is focusing the corporate targets. This contains a positive user-experience, good reviews on the company and our visibility in search engines as well as generating more traffic and leads on our corporate website.

MANN+HUMMEL blog process

What is the task of a Corporate Blog Manager?

Amongst other things, as a Corporate Blog Manager it’s my task to search for new content on the MANN+HUMMEL blog without being one-sided. Meantime, I recognize in many ways the potential for a blog entry and find issues on events, via our intranet or different social networks. Besides that, an increasing number of employees contact me, because they would like to write about a specific theme. I’m very pleased about that development – it shows, that the corporate blog from MANN+HUMMEL establishes very well.

Sometimes employees aren’t sure if their topic works so well. It’s also my target to encourage them and support their upcoming work as author, because the experience taught me, that there are plenty of interesting stories in the company! If the employee’s interest is aroused, they are excited about the chance to tell their personal perspective on the work and life at MANN+HUMMEL. Some of them even involve another hospitable author and launch a series of blog entries, instead of a single one. This causes an additional expense, but it’s worth it when you see the success of such contributions.

But, of course, only blogging is not enough furthermore, we live by virtual interactions. Besides the opinion of our authors, we are also interested in your judgment. Actually your comments and likes bring the MANN+HUMMEL blog to life – so please, don’t be shy!


Evaluation and maintenance of a corporate blog

Don’t underestimate the maintaining of a corporate blog! It includes the control of the service providers, the editorial management and within this, the search engine optimization. Moreover, it comprises the distribution of content via social networks, as well as participations in blog parades and a regular evaluation. For our corporate blog we are interested in the number of posts, page views and, among other things, how long our readers stay on the blog.

From communications perspective a blog has the advantage that we can determine the editorial, technical, legal and creative aspects ourselves. Also, as the Corporate Blog Manager, I have certain claims to the articles such as relevance, timeliness and accuracy – that’s really important, because the MANN+HUMMEL blog acts as the central content hub of our social media activities. Proceeding from that blog we distribute the contents on our social networks, like LinkedIn and Twitter. The interaction rate for comments and likes on these pages serves us as an evaluation of our work. It defines what is done well, what our readers want to see and what challenges are still awaiting us.

Challenge accepted!