… to say a big thank you! Today, July 11th, 2016, is the third birthday of our corporate blog! We would like to take this opportunity to express our enormous, sincere and heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been with us from the very start, helping with the blog’s growth, diversity of topics, and captivating us with their posts.

We are lucky enough to be extending our thanks to a very large group of people. Over the last three years, there has been a constant state of exchange between us and all of the authors who work – whether directly or indirectly – with our company and, most importantly of all, who have something to say! This has developed into a community that is constantly growing, invoking interest and emotion and making the MANN+HUMMEL blog truly unique. We could devote hours to talking about the actual form that this cooperation takes, but that’s not what we want to discuss today.

A word of great significance

Instead, we have been thinking about what saying ‘thank you’ really means. What hidden forces are at work? Why does this little word have such an enormous meaning? At first glance, it may perhaps be seen as ‘just’ a way of expressing acknowledgement of the quality of work provided. Although that is certainly very positive, in actual fact, these eight little letters possess a great deal more power than just that! We here at the blog team are in agreement that a sincere thank you is an expression of appreciation, which conveys a feeling of respect and recognition towards the recipient. At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to show our gratitude for doing something that we could not have done alone. It is in this regard that we would like to express our recognition and appreciation of the work of all of our authors.

Thank you for the hard work and the time you have invested on our behalf. Thank you for the countless stories. And thank you for your involvement in such an incredible development in three short years.

Topics from a whole host of different areas and authors with an incredibly wide range of experiences – these are the things that make the MANN+HUMMEL blog what it is. The combination of expertise, experience and wisdom provides real variety, and we can truly say that the secret lies in having the right mix!

To the future!

So, three years of the corporate blog are now behind us, while a long, exciting future still awaits ahead. The glimpse behind the scenes at MANN+HUMMEL that this blog provides is here to stay and, with your help, it will carry on fascinating more and more readers – both in Germany and the rest of the world.

We should also point out here that we will not just be issuing a collective thanks to all and calling it a day at that: We will also be expressing our respect and appreciation to our authors on an individual basis. We hope, of course, that in the future you will continue to support us by bringing the blog to life with your articles. Finally, to those readers who may still be on the fence: We are certain you have an interesting story to tell, and we warmly invite you to share your story via the blog!