As I’m writing this article my internship at MANN+HUMMEL is sadly coming to an end. It has been an internship everyone hopes to have. Let me tell you why! I worked from September 2018 for 6 months in the Sales Strategy department which focuses on the European Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM). We as a team drive sales excellence to provide strategic guidance for MANN+HUMMEL’s IAM sales organization and beyond.


Automechanika, Frankfurt 2018 the leading international trade fair for the automotive industry for equipment, parts, accessories, management & services.

During my time here I felt fully integrated into the team, and was given a wide variety of tasks to work on. This included communicating with other departments at MANN+HUMMEL and with external companies. Each day provided new challenges and opportunities. Thinking outside the box is something I have always enjoyed. In my internship I was encouraged and challenged to do so.

Interesting insights into the automotive aftermarket

How does the future of transportation/ automotive look like? This is the main question we are asking. The world is changing very quickly and we looked at the direct effects this has for the automotive aftermarket and especially the world of MANN+HUMMEL. This requires a thorough understanding and a long-term view on business and markets. I really enjoyed doing a variety of different market research projects and learning more about products, technologies and new business models.

Presentation at the CarCamp

The 8th Mannheim Car Camp, Mannheim 2018: The “Mannheim CarCamp” is a conference in BarCamp format. The CarCamp brings together representatives from car dealerships and repair shops in particular, but also from the most diverse sectors (manufacturers, associations, etc.) of the automotive industry.

My colleagues who have many years of experience working in the Automotive Aftermarket provided me with the support necessary in order to gain knowledge about the market and competitors. Most of our work was project based, which also meant working together with colleagues from different departments all over the world. The ability to collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds is not simple but has a huge potential to lead to creativity and great results while learning more about other cultures.

Being proactive

During my internship I was empowered to lead several projects on my own. Many projects were related to digitalization, which I found very interesting! For example, I led a project in cooperation with an IT start-up and an automotive repair shop. We are implementing an automated ordering system with integrated rebuttons. By pressing a button the ERP system is triggered and directly sends out an order. A mechanic working in a repair shop does not need to walk away from the car into the back office, fill out forms, send an email and other manual steps in order to place an order for the filter needed. With this new system the filter can be ordered by simply pressing a button and the rest is an automatized process.  Seeing the outcome of a successful project makes all the hard work worthwhile.

MANN+HUMMEL projects  Innolab

In order to succeed one must be open to change. We as a team focus on continuously exploring new business models, trends and technologies. Our goal is to generate value which supports MANN+HUMMEL’s profitable growth and fosters an inspirational high performing mindset which focuses on customer obsession. The ambition is to look at future topics driven by the main goal, contributing to revenue increase in the IAM.

An exciting time is about to end


During my internship I was able to deepen my knowledge in the areas of strategic sales, project management and digitalization. I am now saying goodbye to MANN+HUMMEL, but hope that it will not be forever.

And to all who have become curious: I highly recommend doing an internship in the strategic sales department for the Automotive Aftermarket at MANN+HUMMEL.