After graduating my Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering, I worked as a consultant on various IT projects in Bangalore. Although I found them very stimulating and challenging, I was always interested in broadening my experience into business and general management. For that reason, I looked into getting an MBA in order to further my career.

I decided to apply for an MBA in International Business at the Hochschule Pforzheim as it offers an all-round holistic approach to management and business issues. The program’s emphasis on innovation management, sustainability and globalisation was – and still is – particularly interesting to me. Over the last two years, I have studied a wide range of disciplines including financial accounting, marketing, change management and project management. The advantage of having a student body from around the world alongside being based in Germany has given me the opportunity to gain intercultural competencies during my studies.  

Support from MANN+HUMMEL

MANN + HUMMEL’s headquarter is based near the Hochschule and the company has been a supporter of the MBA Program for many years. My fellow students and I went on an industry visit to Ludwigsburg in the first year. In my second semester guest lecturers from MANN+HUMMEL’s strategy department came to the Hochschule to give us an insight into the company.

As part of the MBA course, I was offered the opportunity to work on a project developing upcoming technologies to grow and diversify MANN+HUMMEL’s portfolio. I worked in a group of four students from India (me), Portugal, Mexico and Peru. We researched and wrote a market study, developed a business model and analyzed market potential. We were supported by monthly meetings with MANN+HUMMEL’s strategy and advanced development departments who gave us invaluable input, guidelines and feedback. It was very satisfying to be able to put my academic tools to good use in a real-world context. We presented our findings in a final presentation to the company at the beginning of the year.  

Impressions of Germany

I started my MBA in September 2013 and this was my first visit to Germany, in fact to anywhere in Europe. Germany is the industry leader in manufacturing and automotive and I have been impressed by the working attitude. Everyone strives to improve structures and processes and this, I think, is the key to Germany’s success.


The country itself is very beautiful. Pforzheim is just north of the Black Forest and I regularly go hiking when I am not studying. I have also had the opportunity to go hiking in the Alps which is an experience I will never forget. 

My next steps

I am currently writing my final thesis and will graduate in September of this year. I would love to stay in Germany to work and gain more experience. I am therefore hoping to find a management position in an international company where I can build on my strengths. It was a very good decision to study in Germany and I would like to thank both the Hochschule and MANN+HUMMEL for their support over the last two years.