Video production is becoming increasingly important as a tool for successful communication. This is mainly due to the fact that information can be transmitted faster, and above all, more memorably, than through text alone.

Also, at MANN+HUMMEL, videos have become indispensable on our website and other internal and external channels. Therefore, we started our own YouTube channel in 2012, on which interesting company insights are published on a regular basis.

Werner Lieberherr at the video preparation

And what is your secret talent?

The most important topic at the moment was the introduction of our new CEO Werner Lieberherr. Internally, our employees wondered for quite some time what the future CEO would be like. A video, or rather a spontaneous interview, was captured on film in order to shed light on the situation, and I can only say that our expectations were exceeded! The result is three minutes of unfiltered truth, in which our CEO not only reveals his goals for the company, but also gives us amusing and very honest glimpses of his private life. Enough talk, have a look for yourselves:

It was important for us that the interview was authentic, so we didn’t prepare answers in advance, and only discussed the questions with the new boss shortly before the film shooting began. I have to admit, it was definitively a strange feeling to meet the new CEO and then instruct him directly for the video shoot: “You sit here, this camera records you, and watch out for the microphone above you…” But my nervousness was completely unfounded. Right away we were on a first-name basis, and after he eased the atmosphere with a few jokes, the last bit of tension fell away.

Werner Lieberherr on the chair

In the end, the biggest challenge was his Swiss dialect, but even that was taken with good humor.

Although such video shootings are definitely planned completely in advance, there was still a lot of room left for fun during the filming itself. At the end of the day, I really enjoyed the final result, and hope you all did too. Any more questions?