When we received the email in our inbox regarding MANN+HUMMEL’s 75th Anniversary explaining the idea of the time capsule, the whole office was very excited. The project involves collecting objects from around the world reflecting each location where MANN+HUMMEL operates. I really wanted to take part in this project and choose an object that accurately reflects Turkey. I needed something to express not only my country’s history and culture but also our society today.

Our day revolves around coffee

The Turkish coffee machine in our office, which is probably used as much as the photocopy machine (if not more!) reminded me that the best object to fulfil this objective is the Turkish coffee cup. Our office revolves around coffee! Most people generally start the day by drinking a dark sugar-free coffee, and when you enter MANN+HUMMEL Turkey’s office in the morning, the smell of Turkish coffee greets you; it helps the team get through the upcoming busy day. There is usually a queue in front of the coffee machine after lunch, too. Whenever we have guests, we warmly welcome them to our office for meetings with a hot cup of coffee. At the end of the day, nothing compares to relaxing and treating ourselves to a fresh cup of Turkish coffee with sugar, especially if the day went well.

Just as it is in the office, drinking Turkish coffee is a wide-spread habit in Turkish society. The term “Turkish coffee” refers to the specific method of preparing unfiltered coffee rather than a type of bean. To make Turkish coffee, finely ground roasted coffee beans are simmered (not boiled) in a pot with or without sugar, depending on the drinker’s preference. Even though automatic coffee machines havetaken the place of the foamy coffee cooked in a hookah over coal, the palatal delight it leaves remains the same.

 The ritual is important

When talking about how great it tastes, I must mention how important ritual and presentation is. In the past, Turkish Delight was served together with coffee as an indication of wealth. Some say that it was eaten after coffee to eliminate the bitter taste the coffee leaves in your mouth. For me, though, the reason is not too important because the taste is divine! Another tradition is to serve a glass of water with Turkish coffee. You are to drink a glass of water when you finish your coffee in order to clean your throat of the remaining coffee grounds. Nowadays our busy daily schedules don’t always allow us to fulfil all of these traditions. However, we continue to serve and enjoy Turkish coffee to express our sincerity in our office and at home.

 Your coffee can predict your future

As well as the taste, smell and presentation of Turkish coffee, one of its important benefits is knowing what your future brings. Yes, that’s right! Fortune tellers can see the drinker’s fate by reading the position and flow of dried coffee grounds in the cup. Once you have finished, place the cup upside down on the dish and ask the fortune teller to read your coffee. What will the future bring? “Within 3 months you will have money”, “you will find the love of your life within 5 weeks” or “you will get good news about work in the coming days”. Although this is still a wide-spread habit, I think that people just need to hear good news. When my elders insist on reading my coffee grounds, I endure it with a smile on my face.

In an ever-changing world where old traditions are replaced with modern consumption habits, I am glad that Turkish coffee survives with its authentic features. I believe this will not change for many years. My grandchildren will also invite their neighbours and friends “to have a cup of coffee and chat”.

So if you want to learn your fortune, why don’t you come and drink a cup of Turkish coffee with us?