The Aquatech trade fair in Amsterdam, which began today, is the most important exhibition for MANN+HUMMEL’s water division. But what’s even more important is water as a global resource: as drinking water and for food preparation, for crop and livestock farming, for production, trade and industry. This applies world-wide. Did you know that only 3.5% of the 1.38 billion cubic kilometres of water on Earth is fresh water? And of this amount, only 0.3% is available as drinking water, which is very unevenly distributed across the regions of the world. Consequently, in light of the growing world population for example, water remains a scarce commodity – and water filtration is imperative today as well as for the future.


International, informative, interesting: the Aquatech in Amsterdam

We entered into the market for water treatment filtration technology in 2009 and attended the Aquatech in the Netherlands for the first time in 2011. As a country which is to a great extent below sea level, our neighbours have a special relationship with water and with all the associated technologies. The Aquatech is the world’s leading trade fair for process, drinking and waste water technology. Two years ago, it welcomed almost 900 exhibitors from more than 70 countries and around 21,000 visitors in four days, as well as featuring some 150 new product presentations. This year, the organisers anticipate even more impressive figures.

At Aquatech the filtration demo is our highlight

We want to present ourselves attractively, i.e. as an attraction in Amsterdam. And what makes exhibits more interesting and trade fair visitors more curious than a glimpse behind the scenes? Is anything more exciting that seeing what’s normally concealed? That’s why we decided to make the way water filtration works visible. For this purpose, we set up a demo system with two filter elements – one in a standard grey plastic cylinder and another in a transparent acrylic glass cylinder with internal illumination.


The system enables us, MANN+HUMMEL’s exhibition team, to demonstrate how effectively the filtration process itself, as well as backflushing, work. And while it’s all so beautifully set up and operational, we’ve taken the opportunity to shoot a video clip:

Whether our exhibition stand at Aquatech will be “flooded” with visitors…

… remains to be seen, but on the first day, things are looking very promising and we’ve done all we can to welcome the international water experts interested in filtration technologies in Amsterdam. During our participation in 2011, we already made excellent contacts from countries around the globe. Today, two years later, we’ve naturally progressed, are more widely known on the market and better positioned in terms of technological innovations. This fact is demonstrated by the positive response to around 200 personalised customer invitations which we sent out, but the presentation of our new PES membrane technology is also interesting for the visitors. This technology is used for the ultrafiltration of minute particles during pre-treatment and treatment of municipal and industrial process and service water. But the innovative membrane can do more than just that: Because it’s highly resistant chemically and thermally, MAN+HUMMEL is addressing new application areas, including the treatment and recycling of water and fluids in the food, beverage and biotechnology industries.

My colleagues and I look forward to numerous interesting customer discussions. We are eager to see how the visitors will respond to our demo system and our exhibits, particularly the new PES membrane. Perhaps, by chance, you’re in Amsterdam between 5 – 8/11/2013? Then why not drop by for a visit!