To mark the occasion of MANN+HUMMEL’s 75th anniversary, the locations were asked to produce short videos about their factories. When we submitted our video, we were given the following feedback: Although, that wasn’t what we were looking for, it turned out great! We were very pleased to see that the film was so well received. In the end, many employees in Speyer acted, sang and played music in the video.

Our 16-person organisation team came up with a few different ideas for the MANN+HUMMEL birthday video. Our first thought was: Let’s set up a photo/video box, because then employees will have the opportunity to participate and sing on their own or in groups, and we can then cut the videos and photos together. Another idea was: We could also gather together more people and put on a flashmob like the ‘Downtown Seattle Library’ one put on by Stomp. For this, we also thought of using the equipment from production for making the beats, but in the end it seemed to us that a flashmob was too complex.


We all agreed that we wanted to produce a music video using the song ‘Happy Birthday’. We were taking our inspiration from productions such as Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr President” or Stevie Wonder’s version of “Happy Birthday”. A screenplay for the video gradually developed by us drawing on or at least outlining many ideas. This then became a shared experience for the employees in Speyer. We started with the first scene with three women, Jana Serr, Gabriela Rudolf and Andrea Lehnert, and we then used scenes and machine beats from production and management, and incorporated an excerpt from the rehearsal room.

The idea was that the employees in Speyer would hear the birthday song, flock together and assemble in the inner courtyard, where together they would make up the number ’75’ for the anniversary. One employee, who is part of the voluntary fire brigade, organised a large turntable ladder specially for these last shots. Musical backing was provided by employees Peter Hildebrandt on guitar and Christian Fichtner on drums. The video was filmed by Elkmedia in Lustadt.

We of course practised the song as a team, and recorded the beats in advance and added them later in order to get better sound quality. The concept was coordinated with the plant management, the works council and production management. The scene with the number ’75’ was filmed on the day of the works meeting, when the employees were on the premises anyway. This meant that we could film our video contribution in a relatively short time, which – although not necessarily intended – then ensured great feedback. Thank you and Happy 75th Birthday to MANN+HUMMEL!