My name is Francisco López and I work in the finance department in the MANN+HUMMEL factory in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, Mexico. To be more precise, I am in the distribution center. I started working here in October 2008, as part of outsourcing, and since October 2011, I have been part of the company.

Today, I would like to talk about a very special project I participated in. It was a little more than a year ago when my son told me about a project he was going to do with his school: building a race car to take part in a competition in Gorman, California, United States. They had the idea and the enthusiasm, but they needed sponsors and were looking for support from various companies in the area. I liked the project a lot and I went to the personnel at the MANN+HUMMEL factory to explain to them what the project would consist of, the idea being to help them out with a sponsorship. I spoke to the factory manager, the person in charge of Human Resources and the person in charge of Controlling, and all of them liked the idea of sponsoring the project.

MANN+HUMMEL Mexcio sponsoringThe reward after the effort

Construction of the race car took between 7 and 8 months. Ten students between 18 and 23 years old worked on it, together with three people from their school who were advising them. They worked very hard up to a few days before the event, taking into account the specifications of the materials and the complexity of the vehicle they were building. Despite some technical issues, they were able to complete everything in time for the competition. The MANN+HUMMEL logo was placed on the car body.

We are very proud of having helped ensure that this project moved forward. The young adults are good students, and by helping them improve their knowledge, we also supported the development of the city. These enthusiastic and entrepreneurial young people are our future.



A step toward improving our community

This is not the only project our company has participated in. We have always tried to help people who have approached us. We have sponsored 10km races for associations that help those with visual disability and we have also collaborated with private associations for people with limited resources, etc. I like getting involved with these types of projects not just for my own personal growth, but also because I feel that my work helps people and that I’m a participant in the growth of my community.

I think that, as a part of a changing society, we have a duty to our community. We have the ability to help and provide support to people who have the spirit and ideas to get ahead but who do not have the resources to achieve their goals, and that’s where we come in. We can help those individuals achieve their dreams; I don’t just mean the students, I also mean people with limited resources and associations dedicated to helping the most vulnerable. Those are the values instilled in me when I was a child and the ones I want to instil in my children.

Everyone knows the importance of these values in our society. At the moment, it seems like they have been forgotten because technology has totally surpassed us. We have the power to make sure they are not lost, and the best way to instill them in our children is by being role models. These projects I participate in are a good way for them to see the importance helping others has for our community.