From my experience, an internship at MANN+HUMMEL is the perfect opportunity to prepare for a career. I would like to highlight some of the lessons I have learned from my internship, and how it has prepared me for my first full-time position. If you are a student looking for entry-level position experience, I hope this article will also give you some tips on how to succeed and also opens your eyes to the opportunities at MANN+HUMMEL.

I started as an intern at MANN+HUMMEL USA’s headquarters in Portage, Michigan in September 2014. I applied for a test engineering internship while studying Mechanical Engineering at Western Michigan University. I thought it would be a great way to combine my studies with some hands-on experience. The internship was a voluntary part of my studies, but the benefits have been numerous, including becoming a full-time test engineer in May 2015.

Developing Skills 

During my internship, I was able to see some of the theory I had learned being put into practice. It was a great way to apply my knowledge and to grow as a student and employee. The structured environment of my internship helped develop my time management skills. Balancing my daily work duties with other assigned projects I was working on, meant prioritizing my workload was essential to keep to Deadlines.

As with many internships, there were, of course, typical daily tasks that needed to be fulfilled. But a MANN+HUMMEL internship gives you the opportunity to be part of a team. My colleagues and supervisors never made me feel like I was “just the intern”, but instead a valued member of the department, who was able to express my ideas and opinions. 

Balancing my work

On a corporate level, MANN+HUMMEL’s approach to internships is very flexible. Initially, I was balancing work and a full class schedule. My regular schedule consisted of 20 hours per week in the test lab. I was very excited to be offered a permanent role in May 2015. As I had no classes for the summer, I have been able to devote all my time to my new job. I am due to graduate in December 2015 so I will be focusing on finishing my course work while continuing my assigned work at MANN+HUMMEL.

MANN+HUMMEL has given me a great start. Working as a test engineer has allowed me to get to know many different areas of the organization and production process. I receive insight into the design and development of all products in the MANN+HUMMEL organization. As someone born and raised near Detroit, Michigan (commonly referred to as the Motor City), I am passionate about the automotive industry and it’s great to be able to contribute to the next stage of automotive advancement.

If, like me, you are looking at getting a great start to a career in the automotive industry, consider applying for an internship at MANN+HUMMEL. It is not only a way to grow your knowledge, but also expand your experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – your colleagues will welcome your enthusiasm. You get out of an internship what you put in – be a supportive and enthusiastic member of the team and opportunities will present themselves. It is a great way to create relationships in the automotive industry that could be proven useful for the full length of your career.