Being a student and getting to build a Formula One racing car is quite something. I’m really looking forward to when our model this year, the F0711-11, takes to the start line. Although there’s still a lot to do before that happens, we’re feeling upbeat about it. In MANN+HUMMEL, we have a partner at our sides who provides us with optimum filter technology support. A few weeks ago, the company invited us to an information and careers day. So who exactly is ‘us’? We are the members of the Formula Student team at the University of Stuttgart…

‘Formula Student’ is Europe’s answer to Formula SAE™ in the USA, set up as a competition for universities in 1981 by the Society of Automotive Engineers in the USA. Under the rules of competition, the participants draft, design and build a Formula One racing car in the space of one year; the German edition of the Formula Student competition has been held since 2006, with the inaugural race taking place at the Hockenheim Circuit.

Our model this year, the F0711-11, is currently under construction: all assemblies that are already ‘road-worthy’ have been attached to the car to see whether everything fits together. The engine, which we fine-tuned last month, is also ready. All add-ons for the car frame are being laminated at the moment, and work is also ongoing to fine-tune the last few parts of the chassis and drive train before these are added to the car. The cable harness is all set – with the first part laid in the monocoque.

Our team relies heavily on sponsorship to build its Formula One racing car. One of our main sources this area is MANN+HUMMEL, who have been sponsoring the University of Stuttgart team since 2011. We are very close as partners; our relationship is not just about financial donations by any stretch of the imagination, as MANN+HUMMEL also gives us access to their know-how, filter materials, and other useful resources, for example. The company is also manufacturing this year’s steering housing and provided ouroil filters and sintered RP application parts. A specially-produced in-line oil filter is also in the pipeline. What’s more, we have the opportunity to ask MANN+HUMMEL’s professionals for advice and hold discussions with them if necessary.

Information and careers day on 24 February 2016

Upon arrival, we received a warm welcome from Wiebke Werner, from the HR and organisational development team at MANN+HUMMEL. First of all she took us to the seminar room, where a breakfast had been laid out for us. The schedule for the day was clearly structured: after a brief round of introductions, we gained valuable insight into MANN+HUMMEL’s business units and into opportunities available with the Group. An in-depth presentation of the company’s product portfolio took place after a report given on previous collaboration with the racing team, after lunch, we were given the chance to visit the prototype- and tool-building areas and take a tour of the plant. We then returned to the seminar room for a brief feedback session.

On behalf of my colleagues in the racing team, I would like to say many thanks to MANN+HUMMEL for being such great hosts and for holding such an informative event – it really was a very interesting day. The tour of the production areas in particular was very impressive.