German can be chosen as a second foreign language in Czech schools. But many students struggle to learn this allegedly difficult language. For me, this is annoying for two reasons: On the one hand, I feel a strong connection with the German language and culture and I lived in Austria for a long time. On the other hand, I also know that many of my students are held back in their career by a lack of German skills. After all, quite a lot of German companies located in the Czech Republic are desperately looking for bilingual employees. So I welcome the fact that MANN+HUMMEL is involved in the teaching of German in Czech schools.

German is a clear advantage for your career

Speaking a foreign language is often beneficial to your professional career; you will hear this mantra again and again – probably just as often in Germany as in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, many Czechs have not yet understood how important the German language is in this context. You only need look at the local corporate landscape to see that German skills can significantly improve career opportunities, particularly for young people. The list of German companies located in the Czech Republic – from Siemens and Bosch to MANN+HUMMEL to name just a few – reads like a Who’s Who of prominent international businesses.

German lessons in Czech Republic

Anyone who can communicate with German colleagues will quickly come to the managers’ attention – and will already have a head start when it comes to being given more interesting tasks and challenges they can grow on. New employees coming straight out of education and looking for a coveted position at a Germany company are at a particular advantage if they speak German. Naturally, German companies also benefit enormously from local employees who can minimize language barriers with good German language skills.

As a German teacher who cares about the professional future of the young people in my charge, I try to actively promote the German language. This can be frustrating at times, but it also bears fruit, as the last joint promotion with MANN+HUMMEL showed.

German lessons in the Czech Republic

Learning German in a yuletide atmosphere – with the help of MANN+HUMMEL

I was over the moon when I found out that MANN+HUMMEL was committed to inspiring students throughout the Czech Republic to learn German and had agreed to participate in a project with us. Together with Marcela Marázová, a representative of MANN+HUMMEL, I initiated a mini-project for pupils interested in the German language. Also on board was the Austrian lecturer Anna Magdalena Pejchal, who, with a total of 12 students from the 8th and 9th grades, designed six lessons. The subject: Christmas. The students spent six pleasant hours happily singing classic German Christmas carols, decorating a Christmas tree together and writing wish-lists – and learned a lot of new vocabulary while having fun.

Learning German while having fun is not difficult

Now the project is finished, I can say, hand on heart: It was a complete success! The students’ response to the yuletide German lessons was consistently positive. Initial fears of speaking the allegedly very hard to learn language quickly evaporated; a fact also noticed by the MANN+HUMMEL representatives who took part in the activities at the end of the project – including Bernd Boketta, Managing Director at Nová Ves.

Finally, with what I think was a pleased expression, the Managing Director congratulated the students on their learning successes and encouraged them to continue to work on their German language skills in the future. I hope and believe that the project will actually bear fruit in the long term and I look forward to the next project together with MANN+HUMMEL.