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My start abroad in Bosnia

Bosnian coffee and biscuits

Between mid-April and the end of June 2018, I spent my semester abroad at MANN+HUMMEL BA in Tešanj, Bosnia. You’ve never heard of Tešanj? Well, that’s something we should change, as this small town in the North of Bosnia and Herzegovina is certainly worth a visit. […]

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Pasantía made in México

Mexico Market

Cuando me mudé de México para estudiar en Alemania, sola y sin saber el idioma, tenía dieciocho años. Pero como es natural a la edad de dieciocho años, no tiene uno mucha idea de lo que está haciendo. Pero para mí estaba claro que Alemania es competente y es líder en términos de ingeniería de tratamiento de residuos y aguas residuale, […]

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Education made in Mexico

Education made in Mexico vs. Germany

When I moved from Mexico to Germany for the purpose of my studies – all alone and completely foreign to the language – I was eighteen years old. But as it is with eighteen, you don’t really know much about what you are doing. To me it was clear though that Germany is very present and competent when it comes to waste and wastewater treatment, […]

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A challenging internship in Germany

trainee Nguyen Le

Germany is a country full of opportunities. Its dynamic and strong economy was one of the reasons I wanted to continue my Bachelor studies in International Business Administration here. I had been studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria and came to the SRH University in Heidelberg as an exchange student about 18 months ago. […]

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Getting on board with health


Hello everyone, I’d like to start by introducing myself. My name is Charlotte Wulfert, I’m studying Health Services Management at Kempten University of Applied Sciences and I’m currently completing my practical semester in the Health Management department at MANN+HUMMEL.

Right from the start of my placement, […]

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Completing an internship abroad – my month in Barcelona

My name is Alexander Wöber and I’m a second-year electronics engineer apprentice for industrial systems based in Ludwigsburg. In September 2017, I was given the opportunity to complete a four-week internship abroad in Barcelona. After hearing about the invitation to enter  this project from my boss Ursula Fritz and speaking to my colleagues Florian Senft and Anastasia Doulgkeri, […]

Career & Apprenticeship

‘Under Pressure’ – achieving our goal together

When hearing the name ‘Under Pressure’, I’m sure for many of you Queen’s hit song from the 80s will come to mind. In this instance, however, we’re talking about a team name that perfectly describes a certain aspect of our work. This is not to say we are working under unwanted pressure, […]

Career & Apprenticeship

Go for it! Living the American dream


Both my private and professional lives changed dramatically last year. At the start of 2016, I was working at MANN+HUMMEL Ludwigsburg as an Injection Moulding Shift Mechanic. By the end of the year, my wife and I were living over 4,500 miles away in Dunlap, […]

Career & Apprenticeship

Internship at 16: It’s never too young

internship at MANN+HUMMEL

I write this blog as my two-week internship at MANN+HUMMEL is coming to an end. This internship started off as a requirement in order to successfully complete my Grade 10 but I considered this opportunity to be able to do an internship in my area of interest at a young age as bliss. […]

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