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It’s a kind of Magic

brainstorming and experiences

“One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal – one golden glance of what should be” are the lyrics from the song “It’s a kind of magic” from Queen, the legendary British rock band. In fact it seems that the melody, rhythm and text were always in our ears during the creation of the new concept and design for the Corporate Magazine FAST FORWARD. […]

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FILTER values in action

MANN+HUMMEL filter values

We all know that baseball is America’s pastime and I am lucky enough to work for the Kalamazoo Growlers, a team of college-aged players who play in the Northwoods League over the summer. In all, 20 teams play in the league and are drawn from all over the upper Midwest USA – Minnesota, […]

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Reutlingen University and MANN+HUMMEL – an educational partnership

Prof. Ritter, Hochschule Reutlingen

At Reutlingen University our engineering courses are designed to combine both academic theory and practical experience. One of the highlights of the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is the project module completed in the sixth semester, which sees our budding engineers working on real-life industry design projects and presenting their findings to industry representatives. […]

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Ripple effect: How one research mistake had repercussions that reached England

Carrying out meticulous research in dusty archives is part of a historian’s everyday work. This is mainly because we hope to find information there that isn’t documented anywhere else. For example, when, in interviews with contemporary witnesses, we find out about former employees who nobody knows anything about other than that they were important to the company. […]

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Interviews with previous employees

Memories of a company are not just confined to dingy cellars or cold loft spaces. The most important information and the most beautiful pictures are often stored in the minds of employees or their family members rather than in thick files on metre-long shelves. What also makes personal memories so valuable is their fleeting nature. […]

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Bitter or sweet? How do you take your coffee?

When we received the email in our inbox regarding MANN+HUMMEL’s 75th Anniversary explaining the idea of the time capsule, the whole office was very excited. The project involves collecting objects from around the world reflecting each location where MANN+HUMMEL operates. I really wanted to take part in this project and choose an object that accurately reflects Turkey. […]

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Motorsport: Focusing on the prize

I was quite literally born with an enthusiasm for motorsport: Some of my earliest childhood memories are rich with the smell of petrol, the throng of the pit lane and the roar of engines – I practically grew up on the race track. I suppose that is to be expected when your father is Klaus Ludwig – the most successful German touring car driver of all time. […]

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