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So, it’s payday today! Recollections of a payroll clerk

a breath of the past

Ah children, how time flies! It is almost 60 years since I started at MANN+HUMMEL, first working as an assembly line worker, before moving on to work in the turning shop. Back then, both departments were still located in the Pamina Mann textile factory in the shed buildings, […]

History, People & Company

Chance encounters

view of Brasilia

It was March 1975 and I was about to embark on my first ever major trip overseas. I was about to travel to Mexico for six weeks and visit my biggest client to test whether the number of air filters could be reduced across the entire range of models. […]


A trip down memory lane

VW Kaefer

Namibia had always been high on our list of places to visit, mainly because of the wildlife there. By autumn 2010, the time had finally come for my wife and I to fulfil this dream. After packing our suitcases, we, together with my wife’s cousin and his wife, […]


Learning by doing…

dusty countries

… this saying always springs to mind when I think about the early dust tests carried out for one of our major clients, a project for which I provided technical support when I was working in this field. Like all vehicle manufacturers, this client required their vehicles to be suitable for use in all countries. […]


Oil filters and fuel filters: complex systems for modern engines

Egon the petrol pump attendant would be quite surprised if he could see what has become of the stuffed and bag filters which were used back in the days of the post‑war German economic miracle. Dr. Harald Banzhaf, product champion for oil and fuel filtration and Marcel Hofmeister carry on their discussion in the second part of their blog about current developments with oil and fuel filters. […]


Air filters in the size of washing machine drums

Since 2004, I have run the ‘PICO filter elements and special filter manufacturing’ production department at MANN+HUMMEL in Marklkofen. The air filters we produce are 45 cm in diameter – the same size as a washing machine drum. The filter production processes of today have little in common with its predecessors. […]


Filter production at Warth Castle

Not everyone gets the chance to work in a castle. Lucky me! I worked for MANN + HUMMEL as an installer and production manager at their ‘Warth Castle’ site from 1968 to 1990. It really was a very special place to work – despite of all its structural and technical idiosyncrasies – and above all it had a real familial atmosphere. […]


HR business partner: different times, new responsibilities

HR work at the Marklkofen location has undergone some fundamental change since the 1980s and 90s. Whilst most of its work was once centred on local HR management, the HR business partner is now active throughout the Group as a strategic partner, giving advice to the company’s management. […]


Carried forwards by the currents of the Wirtschaftswunder

I spent most of my working life at MANN+HUMMEL in Marklkofen. I was born in 1937, grew up during the war and started an apprenticeship as a tax clerk in 1953. I completed my training as an industrial clerk, then later qualified in mechanical engineering andbusiness administration too. […]


Changes over time

I joined MANN+HUMMEL in Marklkofen in 1993 as one of three production department managers in filter production. Two years later, the plant manager at the time restructured the whole production process into centres. These centres were ‘mini-plants’ within the plant. We were given a great deal of freedom but with it an even greater level of responsibility. […]


A 37-year journey with many stops along the way

Over a 37-year period, from 1967 to 2004, I have witnessed the development of filter production at Marklkofen. I have performed various roles over nearly four decades. I started working in tool production as a lathe operator, before taking on the training of apprentices. In 1976, […]


A look back at 2016, our anniversary year

Everything packed? Toothbrush? Check! Passport? Check! Sunglasses? Check! If so, come and join me on a quick trip around the world. Our unique, almost magical journey begins in Spain and ultimately leads us to the technology centre in Ludwigsburg. Don’t worry, though, we won’t be gone long. […]

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