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open innvotion 2018

The Open Innovation Challenge is now firmly established at MANN+HUMMEL, with the fourth event being held this year. For Mirja Vogt and me, however, it is all the more exciting to start the year getting to grips with a new, relevant and forward-thinking topic. […]

Innovation & Technology

Plastic instead of aluminum

new inline filter

Leadership in Filtration – for this vision at MANN+HUMMEL project teams are sometimes willing to follow unusual and courageous paths. This is also the case with the development of a new type of inline fuel filter made from plastic. The significant challenges facing the development team were a change of philosophy at the supplied car producer, […]

Innovation & Technology

When there is a real need for good logistics

wall of logitics

Let’s be clear about one thing: changes in a company can only work with the cooperation of the employees. In fact, in recent years at the Bad Harzburg location where I took up the position of head of logistics in the middle of 2015 I have experienced just how true this statement is. […]

Innovation & Technology

CE is a must: safety comes first

new development StarBox

Good design work today is much more than just engineering. It also has to take legal and regulatory considerations into account. And sometimes product development and upgrading can be as tense as a thriller.

When some time ago my colleague Klemens Dworatzek became development and design manager for oil separation and crankcase ventilation, […]

Innovation & Technology

Be part of an innovative start-up scene

incube teamwork

InCube is the MANN+HUMMEL innovation program launched in September of 2017. It’s open to all employees of MANN+HUMMEL worldwide with over two years’ service and is aimed at exploring new business opportunities for the company.  However, the unique aspect of the program is that participants develop their concept in an independent start-up, […]

Innovation & Technology

Operation Wingnut: Inspired Innovation

Filter on the assembly line

“Sometimes we learn the most when the heat is on.”  Those words were spoken by my good friend and MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology colleague, Butch Keeter.  This fall, our MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology team was presented with a unique challenge that turned the heat on, not only in meeting critical deadlines, […]

Innovation & Technology

Robust solution for highest durability

Druckregelventil mit RobustPlus

Around the world millions of passenger cars are on the road every day. But the regulations in other countries to govern the quality of fuel are seldom as strict as in Germany. In order to ensure that products “Made in Germany” can also withstand the most difficult operating conditions, […]

Innovation & Technology

“Sometimes a big crystal ball would be practical …”

cathode air filter

In which direction are we heading? This is often a popular question when we start to think of the future. It’s a good question, but also very difficult to answer. As Director of Global Sales at MANN+HUMMEL I have worked intensively over the last 16 years in responsible positions on themes which have to do with the future of our company. […]

Innovation & Technology

Electric mobility at the Frankfurt motor show

Cathode air cleaner system

This year MANN+HUMMEL again presented products for electric mobility and fuel cells at the Frankfurt motor show – and there was considerable interest from the public. In addition to the well‑known battery frames for the Chevrolet Volt everything revolved around filtration products for electric mobility and fuel cells. […]

Innovation & Technology

Startups and MANN+HUMMEL

the idea of cooperating with startups

What do most startups have in common? Most startups have in common a unique idea and limited resources to develop it. They usually look for investors or partners through crowdsourcing to initiate the funding of their product or services. However, startup companies can also work with Accelerators which support them through education, […]

Innovation & Technology

There are many aspects to the NOx discussion

Activated carbon granules for removal of gases and odors

At the present time hardly a day goes by without something to read on the subject of nitrogen oxide (NOx). In the exhaust emissions scandal which first hit the headlines in connection with the Volkswagen Group and in the meantime has now come to affect the whole of the automotive industry, […]

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