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“Daddy’s making the air clean!”

fine dust eater

In a way it all began with Alfred Weber. It was his idea to take a VW Passat and integrate forms of technology in the car which MANN+HUMMEL uses to address the subject of fine dust pollution. His aim was to show what modern filtration systems today are able to achieve. […]

Innovation & Technology

How filters and rail 4.0 go together

Cyclone Filter

Railway transportation is environmentally friendly. That is not just a marketing claim and is easy to prove. Per kilometer and passenger, a long-distance train on average produces just 41 grams of CO2. A private car, on the other hand, emits on average of 142 grams and a passenger airplane even emits 211 grams. […]

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“Once again we are setting new standards …”

The MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus cabin filter is one of the many success stories of MANN+HUMMEL. This new filter from the company is able to filter out almost 100% of the fine dust from the intake air. It also filters out harmful gases such as NOx, SO2 or ozone and reliably binds allergens, […]

Innovation & Technology

Biofunctional filters for HVAC biofunctionalsystems


A year ago the Jack Filter company which I owned and managed was taken over by MANN+HUMMEL. One of the reasons I found the step positive at that time was the interesting and successful technology which MANN+HUMMEL implements in the automotive business. This also applies to the biofunctional filtration technology from MANN+HUMMEL which we now wish to introduce in the field of HVAC (heating, […]

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MANN+HUMMEL Vokes Air and OPIC in Vienna

operating room

Most people spend relatively little time in an operating room. And if you are not a surgeon, anesthetist, assistant or other nursing professional, you will not be sorry about this fact. No one likes to have an operation because even with simple operations there is always a certain risk. […]

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“The most dangerous things are those you cannot see”

Microplastics and multi-resistant germs

It actually started with a business idea where I saw the possibility to expand our business in the area of waste water. We planned to separate multi-resistant germs found in waste water with the aid of membrane technology. In the meantime, the subject of multi‑resistant germs has become much more than just work for me. […]

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From fine dust pollution to the filter idea

Albert Kamm and his air flow

An idea is not just a product

I had the idea as early as 2005. At that time the subject of fine dust pollution was receiving a lot of attention in the media and the motor car was quickly identified as the villain. As a car enthusiast I was unhappy about that even though I was naturally aware that motor cars did in fact partly contribute towards the high level of pollution. […]

Innovation & Technology

Creativity needs room to play

new innovation lab

A change of scenery can inspire people to change the way they think about things and come up with fresh new ideas. It’s so important to encourage employees to get creative and giving them a chance to step outside of their usual surroundings is a great way of doing just that. […]

Innovation & Technology

Ready to print!

open innvotion 2018

The Open Innovation Challenge is now firmly established at MANN+HUMMEL, with the fourth event being held this year. For Mirja Vogt and me, however, it is all the more exciting to start the year getting to grips with a new, relevant and forward-thinking topic. […]

Innovation & Technology

Plastic instead of aluminum

new inline filter

Leadership in Filtration – for this vision at MANN+HUMMEL project teams are sometimes willing to follow unusual and courageous paths. This is also the case with the development of a new type of inline fuel filter made from plastic. The significant challenges facing the development team were a change of philosophy at the supplied car producer, […]

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