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Really important tests in the Sahara

Algeria 1971

Oil-bath air cleaners used to be a benchmark in the automotive industry. However, today they are hardly to be found at all in the car segment as they were successively replaced by paper air filters after the 1970s. This changeover took place simply because the new paper inserts enabled a substantial increase in separation efficiency. […]

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New collaboration to tackle indoor air pollution

products for better air

Based in Singapore, I joined the Intelligent Air Solutions (IAS) team in 2017. Since then, I have witnessed the birth and seen the development of OurAir – a new brand of MANN+HUMMEL dedicating in indoor air quality solutions. This is a new sector for MANN+HUMMEL and it’s an exciting role to be in. […]

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Experiencing France from the saddle

road cycling

How did it start?

While I was working for MANN+HUMMEL in Poland, I was also a professional Volleyball player. After playing in league matches for 15 years, I decided to retire as the punishment on my body was starting to be problematic. I still needed to do some physical activity and my then Director, […]

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Bees make MANN+HUMMEL site their home

queen bee

Since mid-April 2018, we now have around 30,000 new employees at the Ludwigsburg site. Their two wooden hives are situated on the roof of the company car park and – you guessed it – they are now busy making honey. More precisely, they are collecting the sweet plant nectar that I will later use to make the honey in my role as beekeeper. […]

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There is always another obstacle …

obstacle races

When I talk to my friends and colleagues about my hobby taking part in obstacle races, the reaction is usually a mixture of surprise, sympathy and unspoken doubts as to whether or not I’ve lost my marbles. 😉 Admittedly, climbing over 2.5-metre-high wooden walls, crawling through mud or jumping into ice-cold streams in freezing temperatures – all of which I do voluntarily as part of these ‘adventure runs’ – is not for everyone. […]

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Volunteering Spirit

The American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life”

The American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” program has always been an important program for our MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology team in Gastonia, North Carolina. The event brings communities together to remember loved ones lost, honor survivors, and raise money to help the American Cancer Society make a global impact on cancer. […]

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How blankets made us better people

Blankets were sewn on a voluntary basis

With a busy schedule both at work and privately, you sometimes forget how lucky you are. Wherever you are in the world, working for MANN+HUMMEL means a regular salary and therefore safety, security and food on the table for you and your family. In the MANN+HUMMEL Portage, […]

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Our customer obsession – achieving results

parts of the tec day

Obsession is “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind” and over the past year, the OE industrial filtration team at MANN+HUMMEL in Raleigh, USA has thought of nothing else but our customers. I have to confess, we have a customer obsession – but not in a deranged way! […]

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A successful trade fair spring season for HVAC and industry

SIMODEC in La Roche sur Foron/France

In the Intelligent Air Solutions business unit of MANN+HUMMEL we started the marketing year of 2018 with three trade fairs: the VSK in Utrecht (Netherlands) in early February, the SIMODEC in La Roche sur Foron (France) at the beginning of March, and the Nordbygg in Stockholm (Sweden) in the middle of April. […]

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Working in a global team

cross-cultural communication

Originating from France where I completed my industrial engineering studies and master degree in Cross-Cultural negotiations, I first heard of MANN+HUMMEL when I was working in China as a project manager and industrial design consultant. With the economic situation in Europe being delicate for most countries, […]

guest post, People & Company

It’s a kind of Magic

brainstorming and experiences

“One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal – one golden glance of what should be” are the lyrics from the song “It’s a kind of magic” from Queen, the legendary British rock band. In fact it seems that the melody, rhythm and text were always in our ears during the creation of the new concept and design for the Corporate Magazine FAST FORWARD. […]

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Chance encounters

view of Brasilia

It was March 1975 and I was about to embark on my first ever major trip overseas. I was about to travel to Mexico for six weeks and visit my biggest client to test whether the number of air filters could be reduced across the entire range of models. […]

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