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Two MANN+HUMMEL teams at Sweden’s renowned Vasa Race

vasa race

Each year, at the end of February/start of March, Sweden hosts the world’s largest cross-country skiing race, known as the ‘Vasaloppet’ (Vasa Race).  It covers a 90 km route through the Dalarna province and includes a team relay event. For my Swedish colleagues from Gothenburg and Svenljunga, […]

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Agriculture past and present

In recent years, agricultural work has seen drastic change. Soil cultivation with GPS support and the analysis of weather data are now standard practice, human labour has largely been replaced with automation and the traditional farm has become an efficient agricultural enterprise. We, the end consumer, […]

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FILTER values in action

MANN+HUMMEL filter values

We all know that baseball is America’s pastime and I am lucky enough to work for the Kalamazoo Growlers, a team of college-aged players who play in the Northwoods League over the summer. In all, 20 teams play in the league and are drawn from all over the upper Midwest USA – Minnesota, […]

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Focusing on care for the local community

Focusing on care for the local community

The Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) is a famous children’s hospital which provides paediatric care, research and education not only in Shanghai but throughout China. Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere) helps different organisations around the world to eradicate infectious diseases, educates parents on preventing childhood diseases, […]

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Finally red again!

Enthusiasts are people who are really passionate about something. I am a Porsche enthusiast. Anyone who has met my Vita will not have doubted this for an instant. And as is the case with enthusiasts, they are very particular, as far as their passion is concerned. […]

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China? Always worth a trip

View of Shanghai at night

China fascinates me because it is exciting. And it is exciting because it is different. I’ve had a personal interest in the country for years. When I was asked to go to work for MANN+HUMMEL in China, I accepted without much hesitation. […]

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Small box, huge possibilities


Our latest product, the StarBox2 spin-on separator, is a little star in the truest sense of the word. The separator’s design, which is intended to optimise flow, and a newly developed sealing concept have enabled us to reduce flow loss and to lower energy costs in the long-term. […]

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Recipe for success: Information

information key to success

We all know that omnipresent flood of information – either on our phones, via internet or while walking on the street. I think, there is definitely some truth in the fact that you have to make an effort nowadays to avoid drowning in this flood. […]

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How my office really is mobile

mobile desk at MANN+HUMMEL

As Director Operations – in Dunlap at MANN+HUMMEL USA – my main responsibility is to ensure that the production floor is running smoothly and the operators have everything they need to be as productive as possible. However, I also need to coordinate with other departments, […]

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A Lego filter production plant

ACTION! The camera pans across a 1 m x 60 cm Lego landscape. The ‘furnace’, which in a real plant would be used to cure the filter paper, is made from yellow Lego bricks. Motor-driven tracks from a toy digger are used for the production line while green and yellow Lego men ‘operate’ the spin-on filter line. […]

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Potenciar la innovación y la creatividad a través de los juegos

lego as a tool

Imagínense la escena: el responsable de gestión de productos de una gran empresa industrial convoca una reunión para analizar tendencias de mercado. La mayoría visualizaría un grupo de señores muy serios consultando con solemnidad documentos y gráficas en torno a una gran mesa. Quizá sea más inusual que el centro de esa mesa este plagado de piezas de Lego…

Jugar es algo muy serio

El pasado mes de marzo, […]

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Games as a tool for analysing tendencies

lego as a tool

Imagine this scenario: the person in charge of product management at a large industrial company calls a meeting to analyse market trends. Most would visualise a group of very serious men and women solemnly consulting documents and images around a large table. “That the centre of the table is covered in Lego pieces would have come last to your mind as it is very unconventonal…”

Playing is very serious

Last March in Speyer (Germany) eight of us from MANN+HUMMEL met at a workshop about innovation in the field of product management in order to identify and analyse current market trends, […]

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“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”

Rays of sunshine beating down on the streets. Flowers blossoming. Birds singing. A few lone souls tapping away on their keyboard somewhere… It’s fair to say that while many of our colleagues are enjoying the summer holidays and taking a little downtime, we are doing the exact opposite! […]

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A slam dunk for the Czech team

MANN+HUMMEL basketball tournament

This year, a joint MANN+HUMMEL Service Center and MANN+HUMMEL Czech Republic team participated for the first time in the MANN+HUMMEL basketball tournament.

The original idea to participate actually came from another sporting event – the Citylauf run in Ludwigsburg, where MANN+HUMMEL enter a large team of colleagues from across the world. […]

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