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Olivier salad


The Olivier salad – Салат Оливье is a much-loved dish in Russia, where it is a firm favourite for many a special occasion, including Christmas. There are several variations on the dish, but this is my favorite:

Ingredients (serves 4)

4–5  potatoes
3  eggs
2  carrots
1  onion
1 tin peas
200 g mortadella
100 g pickled gherkins
Mayonnaise and sour cream, […]

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Celebrating Christmas in the Czech Republic

glitter ball

It will soon be Christmas again, and although I have been living in Ludwigsburg since a few years and feel very much at home here, I am drawn back to my roots in the Czech Republic at Christmastime. For me, the festive period is a time for family and tradition. […]

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Christmas: Cultures and habits in Italy

Christmas sweets

Thinking to describe Christmas in Italy in one way only, would mean overestimate my ( I think not excelled ) writing skills, but  nothing can stop me from telling you some different points of view about this  lovely feast day.

Cultures and habits in Italy

In my first sentence I just said that it is really difficult to unite all our traditions and customs in Italy on Christmas time, […]

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The traditional Christmas pudding is only eaten at Christmas time that what makes it so special, it rich with fruit and I remember when I was a little girl mom set our Christmas pudding alight she did this with the greatest of ease using a match, […]

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One celebration, many traditions

Santa Claus

Christmastime has always held a special place in my heart, and it’s not just because of the presents. I grew up in a small town in Canada where all of the main streets and almost all of the houses would be decorated in Christmas lights and ornaments. […]

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Savoury cream cheese biscuits

Christmas bell

Since it’s Christmas, we’re taking a rare break from our beloved ‘cheat day’, and having a whole cheat week instead! Goodbye guilty conscience, see you next year! Now’s the time for doing as much baking, munching and enjoying yourself as you possibly can – we can hardly wait! […]

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Music, Filters, Food and Cars at the MANN+HUMMEL Day

MANN+HUMMEL family day in Nová Ves.

This Saturday afternoon was different. My husband disappeared from our house just after noon to set up demonstrations and examples of the work we do in the test laboratory of MANN+HUMMEL Service. I tried to put our two little ones to sleep before the event as I knew it was going to be a long day for us all and our oldest son was too excited to do his homework. […]

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Bowled over by FILTER values

Watching FILTER values emerge

Focus, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Excellence and Respect – we all know the FILTER values. When our company merged with MANN+HUMMEL to become MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters, the FILTER values concept was relatively new to the employees, some of whom had already worked with the company for 45 years. […]

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