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Working in a global team

cross-cultural communication

Originating from France where I completed my industrial engineering studies and master degree in Cross-Cultural negotiations, I first heard of MANN+HUMMEL when I was working in China as a project manager and industrial design consultant. With the economic situation in Europe being delicate for most countries, […]

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It’s a kind of Magic

brainstorming and experiences

“One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal – one golden glance of what should be” are the lyrics from the song “It’s a kind of magic” from Queen, the legendary British rock band. In fact it seems that the melody, rhythm and text were always in our ears during the creation of the new concept and design for the Corporate Magazine FAST FORWARD. […]

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Chance encounters

view of Brasilia

It was March 1975 and I was about to embark on my first ever major trip overseas. I was about to travel to Mexico for six weeks and visit my biggest client to test whether the number of air filters could be reduced across the entire range of models. […]

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Communications in the future

We are all increasingly faced with the important question of what the world of tomorrow will look like. This is particularly interesting in view of the rapid changes which we are currently experiencing, and which will probably still be our constant companions in the future. […]

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Healthy fast food for home and at work

health care program

The subject of nutrition always plays an important role on our ‘health day’, which we hold once a year here at our Speyer location. Since last year’s speaker Carina Klein was so well received, we wanted to explore the topic with her in more depth, […]

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Dženita Kalabić from MANN+HUMMEL

Although, we live in the 21st century, there are small chances that woman can be seen on managerial functions, especially in industries like automotive. From seasonal worker to chief of HU line, this is how my story began. My name is Dženita Kalabić and I’m a new chief of HU line in MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia. […]

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Auditing almost without friction points

Every year, I spend between six and ten weeks on the move. My destination: our sites around the world which carry out specific tasks within our development network. When I visit, I check whether the development site operates to its assigned level. There are five different levels. […]

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The time for unflinching vanity is over

Berlin fall of the wall

A pink tracksuit with a little yellow sun on the stomach: that was the outfit I was wearing the first time I ever saw the Berlin wall – or rather what was left of it. Shortly after the wall fell, we – my parents, my older brother and I – wanted to do our bit to help tear down the last remnants of dictatorship and oppression. […]

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Traditional Christmas celebration in South Africa

Christmas ball

MANN and HUMMEL Filters (South Africa) Pty Ltd (MHZA) opened its office in November 2016. We currently have twelve employees and service thirteen countries in the SADC region. This might change in future as we plan to increase our market share in the region.

Christmas time is a time for the family

Christmas time in South Africa is a very special time for the family. […]

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The best way to Celebrate Christmas in Paris in 2017!

x-mas stars

Christmas in Paris is magical. Paris isn’t called the City of Lights for nothing, and especially at Christmas. The bells will ring again for the joy of all of us. A special time of the year in Paris, when days are short. You can enjoy the lights along “the Seine” with a cup of “vin chaud” walking down the streets! […]

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x-mas gifts

In mid-November Italy was hit by a real Apocalypse: the non-qualification for the World Cup in Russia 2018. Among shocks and tears, the reactions of Italians were varied, but which were the most common?


The nostalgic italian can not think about a World cup without Italy: “it seems that there are two FIFA rules which put at risk Iran and/or Perù participation in the World Cup, […]

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We need to be more open to other cultures


Companies who wish to succeed as suppliers in the global market need more than smart engineers, top-quality products and a desire to persuade rapidly growing markets, particularly those in the Far East, of the merits of these products. Globally successful companies such as MANN+HUMMEL also need employees with international experience, […]

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