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  • Patricia Maita

    Patricia Maita is an Assistant Director at MANN+HUMMEL Venezuela. She lives in Valencia and enjoys baking and Venezuelan chocolate.

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  • Aurora Ríos Islas

    Almost 6 years ago Aurora Ríos Islas moved from Mexico to Germany in order to study. Since April 2018 she has been working as an intern in the Intelligent Air Solutions division.

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  • Francisco López

    Francisco López has worked in the finance department at MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology Mexico since 2008. He is strongly committed to the development of his community.

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  • Jesus Monforte

    Jesús Monforte led the global product management of the Industrial Filters division.

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  • Leticia Cisneros Le Hen

    Leticia Cisneros Le Hen started working at MANN+HUMMEL Ibérica in 2014. She is the first deaf-mute employee to join the team.

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  • Markus Lutz

    Markus Lutz currently works in the Purchasing Controlling department and thereby provides valuable services for the global Purchasing organization. Prior to this position, he was a dual studies student at MANN+HUMMEL and gained international experience in Argentina and Australia.

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