In the course of 24 hours, one person emits approximately 35 million particles (fine dust) into the surrounding atmosphere. In open air, this is no problem; however in a sterile location, such as an operating theatre in a hospital, the situation is rather different. Filtration is particularly important here as fine dust and particles in the air can transport germs, microbes and other harmful organisms into open wounds. The TMS 3000 System from MANN+HUMMEL Vokes Air allows us to effectively counteract this risk. This ventilation system reduces the number of particles in the room from 35,200,000 parts to just 3520, thus providing a safe environment for the patients and the surgical team.

Since 2013, we have been involved in the planning and construction of the new Mother and Baby Centre at Ludwigsburg Clinic and, in April 2017, two operating theatres were opened, both featuring our ventilation solution. This was a short, but feasible, project term which required us to be at the top of our game and that we work together successfully as a team.

Clean air for ultra-modern operating theatres

The TMS 3000 System

Our clean room air outlets were launched on the market at the end of 2014. This is a system that meets the high requirements of the DIN 1946-4:2008-12 standard for optimum and hygienic air status in rooms and buildings in the healthcare sector. These requirements can primarily be guaranteed with a supply air flow rate of 3000 m3/h, in conjunction with adequate air exchange and a symmetrically designed exhaust air system. The high air flow rates ensure the fast removal of harmful substances for laser or surgical interventions. In this way, they also improve the occupational health and safety of the surgical team.

The TMS 3000 System is attached directly to the ceiling so that there are no gaps in which particles or germs can accumulate. The integrated lighting ensures optimum illumination of the operating area. Our frame system is also a closed solution so it can be attached more quickly and easily and requires fewer fastening points on the ceiling. The system also features low energy consumption thanks to its ‘Made by MANN+HUMMEL Vokes Air’ filter technology, which minimises pressure loss with a low initial pressure drop of 110 Pa.

clean air

A focus on top performance

This project focuses primarily on providing support for pregnant women whose children are born in difficult circumstances, such as via caesarean section. The ventilation system should help to ensure that women giving birth can be treated under the best possible medical conditions. We put a lot of energy into the planning, setting new standards along the way, in order to make this a reality with the help of our products and, despite the comparatively short project term, we were able to achieve a truly magnificent result – something we are extremely proud of. Even the various challenges we encountered – such as constantly changing normative requirements during long project terms, changes made by the client and various technical problems – couldn’t prevent us from achieving our goal of delivering a product of immaculate quality.

Achievements such as this are only possible with a well-functioning team of technicians, customer service reps, project managers, area sales managers and installers. This kind of teamwork provides the ideal foundation for continuing to maintain our strong market position and defending our sector of the market – particularly in the Stuttgart region – in the face of increasing competition. I am very pleased with our team’s success and extremely glad to be part of this community.