Code names… they portray an air of mystery. They add a bit of fun and flair, but most importantly, code names bring confidentiality to a project. In Mergers & Acquisitions, code names are assigned to maintain top-secret confidentiality while deliberations and negotiations are under way.

For MANN+HUMMEL’s recent acquisition of Tri-Dim Filter Corporation, the code name was very fitting – Project Titanium. The element of Titanium is particularly strong, agile, lightweight and resistant to anything thrown its way. It was the perfect code name for our newest acquisition of Tri-Dim Filter Corporation.

recent acquisition

A family-owned company built through hard work and determination, Tri-Dim has built their company into the largest privately-held air filtration supplier in North America.  Tasked with handling Merger Communications for the Tri-Dim acquisition, my first encounter with the Tri-Dim team in Louisa, Virginia was a very pleasant one. I was immediately welcomed with warm smiles and positive attitudes. What stood out most was the proactive, “get-it-done” attitude of everyone I met on the team. Tri-Dim has reached incredible success due to their can-do attitude, work ethic and agile structure… A lot can be said about being nimble and able to react quickly! They work hard, fast and have an inherent focus on the customer that is very clear.


There are many great opportunities for both MANN+HUMMEL and Tri-Dim as we embark on this journey together. The Life Sciences & Environment (LS&E) team has an amazing group of dedicated, insightful people that are forging the future of the business unit together, and Tri-Dim will be the perfect addition.

What makes me the most proud is that we are stronger together, and we are doing our part to make the world a cleaner place. I’ve always tried to protect the environment, knowing that every little step we take to make the world a better place is a step in the right direction.   Working with MANN+HUMMEL and Tri-Dim, it’s very clear to me that we are truly a company that believes we can make a difference – separating the harmful from the useful – and are strongly committed to protecting our world for future generations. It’s a company – and a partnership – that I’m proud of!



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