From day one, the merger between MANN+HUMMEL and MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology (formerly Affinia) has been a success story of teamwork and collaboration. I learned this first hand, and very quickly.

I am a global key account manager for MANN+HUMMEL. I joined the MANN+HUMMEL team in January, just months before the merger with Affinia and creation of MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology. The reputation of the company’s brands like WIX Filters and its engineering and product line up were exciting additions to the MANN+HUMMEL family of brands. Little did I know how soon they would become an integral part of my job!

From my office in Madison, Wisconsin, I work with a specific, high-volume client to make sure they get the filters they need for each product offering. Because they are a large, internationally recognized brand, a lot of my time is dedicated to ensuring they get the materials they need as quickly as possible. Around the time of the merger, I received numerous requests for quotes from this customer seeking to order a high volume of heavy-duty filters. The customer was looking for a few different types of filters; some we made and others we didn’t.

Prior to the merger, I would have been able to provide some of the requested products, but would have had to send the remainder of the business elsewhere – to competing suppliers. However, our new relationship with MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology gave me new options.


My supervisor put me in contact with Steve Jacobs, sales manager for MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology in Dillon, S.C. Steve was working 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) away from me. We talked about how we could work together to meet the needs for this very important customer. Not only was he able to assist with the large volume of orders, Steve also was able to provide a filter from MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology that MANN+HUMMEL didn’t make. The MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology cabin air filter design utilized a unique, newly developed filter media and had been in the works for over 18 months. Because of the collaboration of Steve and his MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology team, I was able to provide our customer with an innovative new product.

Paul Davidsaver

The teamwork between Steve and me speaks to the benefits of our combined expanded product offering. It also shows the efficiency and effectiveness we gain through cooperation with our new counterparts. The entire process of quote request to order placement took place at an unprecedented speed, especially when you consider the introduction of a brand new product to our customer. We were presented the opportunity on May 6 and solidified the business on July 12.We never even met face-to-face; instead we worked together from a distance to secure the best products in the shortest timeframe for our customer.

This is one instance that illustrates just how seamlessly our organizations are operating – and truly from the start. I know this is a trend that will continue to improve the process, relationships, and services that we bring to our customers every day.