In my last blog post, I introduced the MANN Club from MANN+HUMMEL Singapore. We started the initiative in 2011 with the goal of bringing the many different cultures and nationalities that work in our office closer together. Since then we have organised a range of activities, for example communal cooking events or a karaoke night.

The MANN Club began to express a wish that we not only consider ourselves, but rather that we extend our focus to include socially relevant topics. This led to the MANN Club’s discovery of environmental protection and the implementation of a range of measures in the Singapore office.Recycling

  •  Recycling paper – Used paper is now collected in a special container so that it can be recycled or printed on both sides.
  • Saving energy – In the future, the air conditioning in the office building will be more strictly controlled.
  • Gathering information – In our information corner we draw our colleagues’ attention to aspects such as environmental protection and sustainability, collect tips about saving energy, and explain global warming.

Such topics might be well known to Europeans but they are at an early stage in Singapore – for example, we were unaware that countries such as Germany separate rubbish in private households. Environmental awareness takes time to develop and people need to be encouraged to take action. This is already taking effect in the younger generation. My daughter is taught about climate change and sustainability at school. The government has also done a lot to aid awareness by introducing numerous projects that have since begun to bear fruit: According to a study by the “Asian Green City Index”, Singapore is currently one of Asia’s greenest cities.

SegwaytourThe city stands out thanks to its ambitious climate protection targets and the national parks that stretch through the metropolis and help to improve air quality and quality of life for residents. Satellite images show that the amount of public green areas has increased by ten percent over the last ten years and now includes half of the area of the city. City residents were also included in the planning process and were given the opportunity to contribute their ideas. Ultimately, in Singapore we live according to the motto change begins at home.

That is why I, for instance, drive a hybrid car, avoid using plastic bags, and save energy by regulating or switching off the air conditioning.

I have also integrated this motto into my working life. We are always collecting new ideas for the MANN Club. Last November, we combined a teambuilding event here in Singapore with the spirit of environmental protection: We tried driving on Segways which are battery-powered electric vehicles. This was one of our efforts to use an environmental friendly means of transport.

I recently read here on the blog about a project in the UK, where employees took it upon themselves to clean up the area around the factory. We would very much like to implement not just this, but also a number of other great ideas from the global world of MANN+HUMMEL. With the MANN Club we have established a good basis for driving change in the future.