In order to be truly happy, you shouldn’t act only in your own interests, but also in the interests of others. The same applies to employee satisfaction. Since we conducted the employee survey in 2011, we have talked a lot about making improvements to help our staff. The measures we have taken range from improved information flows and enhanced healthcare at work to a number of sports activities which employees organise for their colleagues. While all these initiatives have boosted staff satisfaction, we should also remember that a positive work environment should entail doing things for others, as opposed to just thinking about oneself.

tafel food bank with MANN+HUMMEL

In November 2013, we therefore contributed to the Tafel food bank in Speyer for the second time. This idea was an obvious choice for us as our now retired dispatch manager, Mr Herklotz, does voluntary work for Tafel. Many of our current staff volunteer at the food bank after work; therefore we know how reliant this non-profit organisation is on every donation it receives.

Speyerer Tafel e.V. provides support for people in need, irrespective of their age and nationality. These people are required to show proof of their situation (social welfare benefits, unemployment, asylum, low pension, low income, families with many children, single parents, etc.). If they are found to be in need, they are issued with an ‘entitlement card’. Although Speyer is a rather wealthy town, the weekly food banks are attended by over 500 people in total.

Like many of our other initiatives, this one was undertaken collectively. Staff in Logistics provided some sturdy cardboard boxes, employees in Production cleared space for the boxes, the Marketing Department dealt with the advertising, and the Building Management team helped to empty the boxes and collect the food. A list was drawn up in close consultation with the food bank organisers, who informed our staff which basic foodstuffs were the most urgently needed products.

When we did a similar collection back in 2012, we managed to fill ten large boxes. In 2013 we contributed more than 15 boxes, full to the brim with food, sweets, and toys. It was particularly evident from the number of donated toys how keen the MANN+HUMMEL employees in Speyer are to help those in need. Many of the toys were still in their original packaging and were therefore ready to be put under the Christmas tree for a child.

tafel food bank with MANN+HUMMEL

This collection for the food bank illustrated to me just how easy it is to do something good for others. All it needs is a little shared commitment – and MANN+HUMMEL’s employees around the globe have already demonstrated in a number of initiatives that this is an area where we are particularly strong.

The fact that next year will be the third year of our involvement with this food bank in Speyer is something to be proud of. What’s more, in the spring we have yet another initiative in store for our 650 employees: the next blood donation session will take place on April 2nd, 2014. This is yet another example of the social commitment of our staff in Speyer.