Henning Glaßer from Himmelkron recently reported in the blog here on his preparation for the ’10th Fichtelgebirgs Nordic Walking Marathon’ on September 21st,  2013 in Gefrees. He also announced that, thanks to recruits from Ludwigsburg and the Czech Republic, MANN+HUMMEL planned to have a ‘decent team’ at the start. As a member of that team, I can confirm that we did just that. We put together the largest and,­ thanks to our outfits, definitely the most eye-catching corporate team we’ve ever had.nordic walking fichtelgebirg

The Nordic Walking Half Marathon – a great event, but I feel like there is something missing

I was really impressed with the event in many respects but not in terms of how sporty it is. As a passionate runner, the Nordic Walking Half Marathon didn’t push me enough. Having said that, I couldn’t have walked the 21 km much quicker. However, when I reached the end, I felt like something was missing. Whether it was that ‘runner’s high’ or that feeling you get when you know that you couldn’t have given any more, I don’t know. Perhaps I wouldn’t feel that missing something at the end of the full Nordic Walking Marathon.

nordic walking fichtelgebirg

Will I get the bug when I get going?

Maybe not, as Nordic walking will probably never be my favourite sport. Sure I’d like to learn to use the sticks to greater effect with practice, and perhaps I’ll get the bug when I get going. But if I’m totally honest, I must admit that my heart still belongs to running. I’ll only practise nordic walking in exceptional cases.

More still to come in 2014

Next September will actually be an exceptional case though, as I would like to help ensure that the MANN+HUMMEL team has at least 100 members at the next Nordic Walking Marathon in Gefrees. That way, maybe team spirit will make up for any lack of enthusiasm I might have for Nordic walking itself. I have also taken it upon my self to persuade Manfred Wolf (General Manager for Automotive + Industrial Business) to walk the full distance as well.