For the third year in a row, a group of volunteers from MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia, joined by other local companies, non-governmental organizations, and local individuals in the Tesanj region, have organized donations of used computers and IT equipment for children and schools in serious economic need.

The used computer and IT equipment donations ensure that children in need are provided with tools to help them succeed, as well as reducing the amount of technological waste in scrap yards – a win-win situation for companies, children, and the environment!

Back to the beginning

Our project started very simple, as I had an old computer myself and thought about what to do with it. It was not too old to scrap but I also needed a new one. Most good ideas in Bosnia start with a cup of coffee and so did it in my case as well. I had coffee with my friend Samir with whom I already started some humanitarian projects to help mostly children in need. He said, maybe we can find someone who needs a computer and donate it. So we did. Samir knew someone who knew a kid called Alemdin, whose father is disabled person, war veteran and unemployed.

After Samir visited Almedin and made the donation, he published it on Facebook. From there on, all has started. We got more people interested to make donations and thus, helped more kids. We as well started to fix old computers and donate them one by one. After some time, my colleague Nedim (also while we were having coffee together) who works in the MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia IT department, proposed to make it bigger and to donate more computers at once. He proposed to contact our General Manager in order to approve donations of old computers we had in stock. After their conversation and the approval of the donations, I contacted together with my other collogues Adnan and Anis, other companies in our home town Tesanj and ask for support.

Donates Computers and IT Equipment to Children in Need

We now have even more computers that we manage to give away to kids. After the water flood in Tesanj , which destroyed the property of an elementary school in a village called Medakovo near Tesanj, we decided to contact schools and make donations to those who need it. We didn’t find any schools who didn’t need computers and made the plan to donate as much as possible. After some time, we had donated to three schools computers with complete equipment. At the same time, we didn’t stop donating computers to kids, even though, we also donate computers to schools. Last year we also managed to get computers from MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia and some other companies and organizations. This gave us the possibility to make donations to six schools, some non-governmental organizations and clubs working with children.

Donates Computers and IT Equipment to Children in Need

Do you want to join?

We plan to continue with those donations as much as possible. If you are able to support us anyhow please contact Admir Agic ( or Nedim Eminagic (