I can now openly say that the tractor was definitely my favourite. I’m really pleased that it won the vote in the big MANN-FILTER conversion campaign ‘For all vehicle lovers’. For us, i.e. Lina Van de Mars, my team and me, the work can now finally start in earnest. It’s exciting – after all, converting a tractor isn’t something you do every day. So we’re really looking forward to the upcoming challenge.

The first thing we had to do, of course, was find a tractor that is suitable for conversion. Lina went on a search with MANN+HUMMEL staff and selected some candidates, including one of those giant tractors that are reminiscent of a monster truck. But I immediately said no to that idea – we’d never get it into our workshop. We eventually decided on an ‘ordinary’ model: a Lindner 1700 A with front loader bucket, built in 1992. It’s over three tonnes in weight and the Perkins water-cooled, four-cylinder engine has an output of 53 KW (71 hp). It’s totally fit for purpose as far as we’re concerned because this conversion project isn’t about speed but about creating something truly remarkable and unique with some really awesome special features.

Before the Lindner is delivered to us in Berlin, the current owner still has some work to do – Lina drove a hard bargain and, besides haggling down the sales price, she accepted the final offer only on condition that a few necessary repairs be carried out prior to handover. We expect to get started in around two weeks’ time.

Lindner tractor

Of course, we’ve already been thinking about what we want to do with the tractor. We want to create something exceptional – after all, it will later be sold at auction to the highest bidder. Suffice it to say, the future owner will get something they won’t ever find again. I’m pretty sure they’ll use the Lindner for a good many parties, which is why we’re planning to turn the tractor into a party machine of the highest order. This will require music, light, food and drink. The good thing about a tractor is that you can add things on to it. I have visions of an extravagant audio system as well as a laser light system. We’ll have to wait and see how the movable parts on the tractor can be used to that effect. As for the food and drink, we think the front loader bucket could come in handy there. We already have some idea as to what we can do – fire and ice, hot steaks and cold drinks? That would be quite something.

However, experience tells me that the best idea is often too far removed from reality. So we just need to wait until the Lindner finally reaches our yard. Then we’ll be able to say more or make a complete U-turn. Come what may, we’ll start by carefully dismantling it and degreasing everything in preparation for the new paint. I’m still not giving anything away about the design, but the effect will be amazing: we’ve got our eye on a metal flake coating. We definitely want to have the wheels chrome-plated but we still have no idea whether or not that can be managed with 30-inch rims. The driver’s cab will also need to be duly revamped. Perhaps leather would work there? As you can see, there are still many unanswered questions. But I promise that we’ll keep you posted – both in this blog and of course at we-love-machines.com.