Through our continuous interactions with secondary schools and universities, we offer students an opportunity to get to know MANN+HUMMEL Czech Republic during their studies as well as gain insight into the operations and possible career prospects offered by an international company. There is a focus on a broad range of activities covering not only motivational but also on vocational topics. Our main goal is to enable students to see what their future profession might be like and find out more about the requirements for different positions.  

The “Build your own car” challenge

Authorities in the Vysočina Region, which includes Nová Ves where the MANN+HUMMEL factory is located, run several projects which are very popular among local engineering students. The “Build your own car” project is seen as a high-prestige competition by the technical schools in the area. The task is innovative but very challenging: construct an original sports car based on a model by the Czech vehicle manufacturer Kaipan that is fully-functional, including being certified for use on public roads. Seven of the leading technical schools were invited to participate.

Each team of students received a car kit valued at €7,500. They also needed a sponsor to contribute the same amount. When the nearby Secondary Technical School Třebíč asked us to be their sponsor, MANN+HUMMEL Czech Republic was delighted to support them. The team consisted of 12 students, both boys and girls. Over the next six months, they designed, developed, and built their Kaipan sports car from scratch in their own free time.  

Kaipan Grand Prix

The final assessment

In June, the completed cars competed in the Kaipan Grand Prix at the motor racing circuit in Nové Mýto. Teams were evaluated by a judging panel comprised of experts from the technical schools and sponsors. Teams competed for:

  • a Marketing Cup where they were judged on the presentation of the construction process of the car, co-working within the team, and interaction with sponsors,
  • a Designers’ Cup which was based on the quality of construction, additions, and the overall design of the car,
  • a Racing Cup which evaluated the on-road performance of the vehicle
  • the Grand Prix Kaipan Cup – the overall trophy.

I am delighted to report that the Secondary Technical School Třebíč won 1st place in the Marketing Cup and achieved 3rd place in the Designers’ Cup!

Supporting technical education

The “Build your own car” competition is one of several projects which we support to increase the popularity of technical education in the region and the Czech Republic as a whole. At the end of April, for example, more than 20 students from the Faculty of Technology at Tomas Bata University in Zlin visited our factory in Nová Ves. The highlight of the visit was a guided tour of the testing laboratory, where students had the opportunity to see all the devices in operation. On top of that, the students heard various presentations about R&D topics for MANN+HUMMEL staff and had the opportunity to take part in a round table discussion with our R&D experts.