My name is Pakaon Kulabkaew and I have been the Human Resources manager at MANN+HUMMEL Thailand since January 2014. Over the last year we have faced many challenges as a new company in Thailand, and in December 2014 I organized a team-building event for all employees to solidify the bonds between operators as well as between management and employers. The event was a huge success, for many reasons.

Given the company’s nascent presence in Thailand, it should come as no surprise that none of my operators have worked in the company for more than a year. And though that has been enough time to build bonds between employees, the team-building event was our chance to deepen our trust with each other.

During the Event we played several ice breaking games that our employees loved.


The two most popular games were “Heart to heart”, in which pairs of employees crossed a pool while facing each other and holding Hands

Hearttoheart   Hearttoheart2

and “Eskimo”, in which employees needed to explore an ice tunnel to find the right amount of money, planning the various steps as a team along the way.

Eskimo1  Eskimo2

But it was not just through the games that employees gained a deeper sense of trust. There isn’t always enough time at work for employees to discuss the various situations an operator may face. At the event my operators had a chance to share stories and offer advice, and this exchange of experience instilled my operators with a greater sense of camaraderie.

And conversations also went above and beyond work. We learned about each other’s hobbies and private lives, giving us the opportunity to get to know our fellow employees as individuals. This awareness of colleagues’ life outside of work establishes a deeper sense of friendship that makes going to work a much more enjoyable experience for all of us and is ultimately beneficial to the company’s efficiency. As an Human Resources Manager, getting to know employees on a personal level makes it that much easier for me to approach them—and for them to approach me when they need something at work.

In addition to the games we played, we also split into teams for a song and dance competition.


Prior to the event I had organized a committee of operators tasked with coming up with fun activities so that the operators had a voice in the process, and it was the committee’s idea to include the competition. This helped establish even greater trust between management and the operators, as they understood that we are all working together as a team, no matter what department or position we are in.

Since the event communication has increased and the prevailing sense of team spirit has transformed into something much greater and familial. The event helped cultivate a feeling of togetherness, both for myself and for the employees.

We are a young team in Thailand, but through our team-building event we have been able to hone our ability to work together. I look forward to continuing to explore and expand the depth of our team spirit and to the successes we will achieve personally and professional as a result or our shared values as a team and a company.