By the end of this May, I’ve joined MANN+HUMMEL for a whole year. As a sophomore in cabin air filter team of R&D, I luckily got chances to attend some forums focusing on improving the in-cabin air quality.

The topic of improving in-cabin air quality ranges over several aspects, like eliminating pollens, dusts, especially very fine particles (so called PM2.5 – particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers), removing annoying odors and volatile organic compounds (so called VOC). What deserves to be mentioned is that our MANN+HUMMEL cabin air filter team has solution to these hot spots.

For eliminating PM2.5 particles, all of the existing generations of our cabin air filters can have an outstanding performance to satisfy the customers. While regarding the removal of annoying odors and noxious gases like VOC, our cabin air filter development team in Shanghai has made a cooperative research with the local university, and came to an interesting conclusion that most of VOC come from the inside of vehicle. The total volatile compound concentration (TVOC) in recirculation air mode is highest among all ventilation modes.  After compared with the so-called “VOC-functional” filter from the market under same condition, MANN+HUMMEL cabin air combi filters which are combined with particle filter layer and activated carbon layer performed extraordinarily on reducing TVOC even in recirculation air mode.

Besides, MANN+HUMMEL also developed the bio-functional filter to satisfy customers with additional functions. Based on the synthetic filtration media and activated carbon layers, an extra textile finish is added to the filter layer on the clean air side. It equips the filter with antimicrobial and antiallergenic properties.

With strongest support from our marketing department, we exhibited all generation products, including particle filters, combi filters and FreciousPlus bio-functional filters.  The shape and size of these products vary from each other mainly depending on different customers’ requirements. What’s more, we also used our special “magic” demo box to validate our premium highly-efficient PM2.5 filter by comparison with the ordinary product.  Needless to say, our PM2.5 filter easily beat the rival, by reducing the concentration of fine PM2.5 particles from 400 to 15 µg/m³ within only 12 seconds! In other words, the PM2.5 filter improves the air quality from “heavily polluted” to “good” within a very short time. This wow factor attracted more and more participants to gather around our booth.  Such a fabulous performance of our product greatly helped me to overcome stage fright as a green hand of tech supporter.  Facts speak louder than words!

I’m very happy to join these forums. Through it, I got experience in technical side by communicating with experts in this field and by explaining the strengths of our products to potential customers. For sure, it is absolutely a good template of learning-by-doing. In the meantime, by means of cooperation with the colleagues from different departments, I get more and more integrated into MANN+HUMMEL family. I’m enjoying it.