My name is Prasanna Kumar and I am Manager Indirect Taxes at MANN+HUMMEL India in Yeshwanthpur Bangalore, where I have been working since December 2012. In that time our company has organized blood drives and motivated employees to donate blood for those in need. But before I talk about the importance of the blood drives our company organizes, I’d like to share a personal experience that highlights why donating blood is important to me and why I appreciate the fact that MANN+HUMMEL India (MHIN) goes beyond business to do something for the community.

It was 29th of November 2013. At the time I was very busy with annual returns along with regular month-end work. My phone rang, and to my surprise it was a former colleague whom I hadn’t spoken to in three years. He asked me to donate platelets for his sister-in law who was suffering from a disease that rendered her body incapable of producing white blood cells. His request for help meant that I would have to travel to Electronic City and then return to office at Peenya. As the next day was the last day of the month, I had lots of work to finish. I thought about the situation for a while and decided that if I worked longer the next day I would be able to complete my work and still have time to donate platelets, an act that would help improve someone’s life. This motivation was enough for me, and the next step was to get permission from my boss.

The very next day I donated the platelets, and that girl’s parents were very thankful. I could see in their eyes and hear in their voices that I had given them a very precious gift. I also completed my work later that day after the donation and was satisfied that I had been able to help someone in need and had still been able to complete my job-related tasks.

Fast forward to November 2014. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that MANN+HUMMEL India had decided to organize a blood drive in collaboration with the Indian Red Cross Society as part of the value friday activities.  Keeping my earlier experience in mind, I was happy to donate blood again.


The MHIN Bangalore blood drive took place on 28 November 2014. 50 employees from two locations of MHIN-Bangalore voluntarily donated blood on this occasion. Since then I have actively participated in the organization of our next blood drive, and commend MANN+HUMMEL India for going above and beyond its business needs to give back to the community.

In India we have a population of 1.2 billion people, yet we face a blood shortage of more than 3 million units, with more than 38,000 donations needed daily.

I am pleased to work for a company that places a high value on human life and not just on revenues, and I would encourage all healthy people to consider giving the gift of life by donating blood. It is a rewarding experience, and I look forward to the next MANN+HUMMEL India blood drive later this year.