Just a few months ago, I underwent a major career change…I moved within MANN+HUMMEL UK from the Engineering to the Marketing Department.  One of the most fascinating things that I am most passionate about is the “Differentiation Kit”. Let me explain a little bit more what this is all about:

The importance of “OE Matching Quality”

To introduce to you to the UK Aftermarket Industry, I would first explain that one of the main issues that we face is that some component manufacturers claiming they provide “OE (Original Equipment) Matching Quality” and do not deliver on their promise. Unfortunately, these manufacturers generally offer their products with a lower price and, especially in these tough economic times, distributors may buy and sell them in good faith. Thus, what may appear to be a “good deal” could actually cause terrible damage to the vehicle’s engine and could even render it entirely useless.

For this reason, about 18 months ago, the marketing department of MANN+HUMMEL UK (MHUK) decided to make the UK Aftermarket Industry aware of the differences in quality by developing a “Differentiation Kit”. This features an “OE Matching Quality” MANN-FILTER and “equivalent” oil filters from four different competitor brands, who claim “OE Matching Quality”. The Filters were opened and analysed, and garages and distributors have been amazed at the astonishing differences. Some of these differences include less filter media, poor material in the anti-drain valve sealing, or non-specific pressure by-pass valves.

Differences between “OE Matching Quality” and “Non-OE Matching Quality”

Engine Oil Filter

With the help of committed MANN+HUMMEL UK colleagues, hundreds of tangible demonstrations of the “Differentiation Kit” were presented to garages and shows across the UK during 2013, reaching thousands of individuals.

To help to appreciate and understand the difference between “OE Matching Quality” and “Non-OE Matching Quality” oil filters, and to reach a wider audience, the marketing team decided to shoot a video focusing on the “Differentiation Kit story. This film is titled:“Engine Oil Filters – What You Should Know” – and this is now available on YouTube. We contacted Frank Massey, a very well-known and respected professional in the UK automotive industry, whose independent opinions on this thought-provoking topic of quality differences were recorded for the benefit of viewers across the world. I was involved in the video editing process along with other team members and I am now responsible to promote this video and ensure that is watched by as many individuals as possible. I would like to invite you to watch the video: